3/4 We're Back!

Rise and Shine is back!

We've made a few tweaks based on the survey in January, and are excited to jump back in with you.


Good morning, Cornerstone. This is PT, and we are back together again. You know what? It's time to rise and shine.

I'm so looking forward to making the journey with you. We've been praying about it, thinking about it, and so we're committing to doing Rise and Shine at least to Easter, and who knows, maybe beyond that. Whatever God wants, we're going to go for it.

I'm looking forward to it because in many ways it's a way for everyone to get strengthened, to be encouraged, to have a way of staying connected to one another and living in community together. It's like a spiritual vitamin, that's how I look at it. A 90-second ritual that we establish in our life together, stirring up our hearts to follow Jesus better. And so I'm just looking forward again, like I said, to everything that we're going to be doing.

We got a lot of your feedback and we really appreciated it. It's made a difference, it really did. And a couple of things we're going to be doing. We've got a couple of little tweaks that we're going to be doing. But one of the things that we're going to be changing because of the feedback, so we're going from a seven-day approach to a six-day model, right? So, that means that Rise and Shine will be happening Monday through Saturday and then the seventh day, or the first day, however we want to look at it, that's the Lord's day, that's Sunday, the message is going to be to rise and shine on that day.

So, you know what, that's where we're heading. Looking forward to it. Let me go ahead and pray. Even now, Lord, I pray for your blessing over the journey we're going to make together, but also over this day because this is the day that you have made. I will rejoice in it and be glad. Fill our hearts with your joy, help us to stay enthusiastic and in love with you. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.