4/2 Solitude & Stillness

Rise and shine Cornerstone! Today PT challenges us to do something that's crucial to hearing from God.

REFLECTION VERSE: The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exo 14:14

Good morning Cornerstone it’s time to rise and shine. We've been talking about the value of solitude, using Jesus as an example because He modeled it in his rhythms.

One of these we’re reminded of in Psalm 46:10 is to be still and know that I am God. The idea being still, sometimes is foreign to us. I mean there's so much stuff going on all the time. We're so accustomed to checking in on this and checking in on that. The ability to pull away, or to create space to hear God—to be still and know that I am He, to know that I am God, to know that I am your God—this is so important for us. It is an indispensable thing. It's part of, again, why we're trying to do this rhythm of Rise and Shine. It’s creating a pattern for listening to the Lord. Clearing out space, making room to hear His words for us.

In a world filled with so many voices, everyone's calling us here and there. Everyone's saying to move this way and move that way. Sometimes those voices are inside of us and they're confusing. We need to hear the voice of the Lord. He's speaking, but we often won't find it unless we create space, still ourselves, and listen. Even now Lord, give us a listening ear. I say it, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”