4/8 The Righteousness Gap

Today on rise and Shine, Pastor Terry reflects on the perfect union between God the Father and Jesus the Son, and its implications for us.

REFLECTION VERSE: I and the Father are one. John 10:30

Good morning Cornerstone! This is Pastor Terry and it is time to rise and shine. We have a whole week ahead of us. We're making our way to Easter. You know we're going to do this journey together stay connected, stay in fellowship, stay loving God. You know we've been looking at Jesus and how He model loving the father. He says whatever I do is because the Father leads me. He talked about it, and we mentioned this yesterday, how in John 10 He declared “I and my Father we're one. There's no gap between us. If you've seen me you've seen the Father.”

His critics rightly asserted, “How can you being a man claim to be God?” Jesus didn't argue necessarily with what they were asserting, He just disagreed with their conclusions. He knew who He was: God revealed to humanity. God revealed in flesh as the scripture says. The one who had come to give his life away for us and ultimately conquer death.

You know as we make our way, again, in these coming two weeks towards the Easter moment, I think it's really important—and we're going to focus on it this week for sure—that we decide to close the gap. That we pursue closing the gap. There was no gap between Jesus and the Father. There's a gap between us and the Father, but with Christ we can close that gap.

And so even now Lord, as we make our way in these coming days, I ask that in our words and our deeds, in the way we love and in the way we work, they would increasingly reflect who You are. That You would help us to close that gap. In Jesus name. Amen.