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A Note from Pastor Kyung

Dear Cornerstone family,

Greetings to all of you. Though we may not have met, what we share is what I love most about Cornerstone—a heart to bring people together to honor God, share the love and hope of Jesus, and invite those who are seeking. I encourage all of you to keep drawing nearer to the Lord!

I want to take this opportunity to share some personal news. After 15 years on staff, I will be transitioning off to care for my aging parents in Chicago. I’m so thankful and humbled to have been a part of the Cornerstone community for more than 25 years. This church has been a tremendous blessing and has helped me grow immensely in my faith in Jesus Christ. When my wife Hera and I moved to San Francisco and started attending Cornerstone, we had only one service on Sunday mornings with about 150 people attending, including children. We were so thankful to find a welcoming, Christ-centered church in the city where we met loving, faithful believers who encouraged us to grow and serve others in love. That still holds true for us today. We’re so grateful to see that the Lord has prospered our church community by providing four Sunday services at two campuses. Back then, when I was volunteering as a youth leader, I had the privilege of teaching the teens at Cornerstone about Jesus, but it was really they who were teaching me about my faith. It blesses my heart that many of those teens are now married and raising kids.

As part of the pastoral team, I’ve been inspired and encouraged by the dedication and tireless efforts of our church staff and faithful volunteers to share the Good News of Jesus under Pastor Terry's trusted leadership and foundational teachings. I ask that all of you join me in continually praying for this church, especially our leaders. I plan on being in SF throughout the coming months, and will continue to see many of you at the Riordan campus whenever I am in attendance.

May God bless you abundantly,

Pastor Kyung