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Soak in the SON This Summer

Summer looks very different this year. Shelter-in-place means less travel, fewer events to attend (if any), camps closed... not even summer blockbusters to avoid spoilers for until we can go to the movies. We can — and should — get outdoors as much as we safely can to get some exercise, enjoy warm days like we’ve had this week, and soak in the sun. But regular excitement for summer seems to have evaporated as we wait at home, not to mention as our nation’s tone remains very charged. 

As we think on these things, let’s remember to keep our eyes fixed first and foremost on Jesus, learning to see the world through Him. His constant faithfulness is our strength, His Spirit our guide, and His plan worthy of our attentive focus.

Here are just a few ways to soak in the Son this summer:

Spend 5 extra minutes in the Scriptures:

The Word is where we get to know Jesus for who He says He is. Jump into the Bible App and pick one plan fitting where you’re at in life. Whether you want to hear His heart on anxiety, on justice, on freedom from fear, on hope for the future, on relationships, or whatever you’re walking through, this app has free devotionals for it. If you need guidance, email us at and we can recommend some to you.

Try a physical devotional:

Many of us have been spending too much time on our screens as we’ve worked from home. If you want to give your eyes a break, try a physical devotional book (or go old school and read a physical Bible!). Try a timeless classic, like My Utmost For His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. It’s a short, daily reading that invites us to consider intentional faith. Or, check out She Reads Truth/He Reads Truth to add visual beauty to your intake of the beauty of Scripture. With plans through specific books of the bible and a variety of topical plans paired with beautiful, curated photography, these devotionals inspire our eyes and our hearts toward the truth of Jesus.

Get creative:

As those made in the image of the Creator, we have creativity ingrained into the fabric of our being. For some, it might look more traditionally artistic — music, drawing, painting, sculpting, woodworking, photography, fashion design and more. But for others, creativity looks like the most organized closet in the world, the cleanest budget spreadsheet, the most delicious meals. Carve out some time this summer to find your expression of creativity and invite God to help you see how to expand it!

Practice social(ly-distant) faith:

Social distance makes friendships harder to cultivate, but not impossible! Try to find some intentional ways to spend time with people you care about, to talk about how God is working in your life or questions you may have. Take a prayer walk (literally just pray while you go for a walk). Meet up at a farmer’s market to grocery shop together and get real about what matters to you. Organize a socially-distant BBQ (complete with disposable utensils and extra care toward food handling) to talk about what God’s teaching you. Enjoy dinner over a video call to talk about life and pray together. Whatever works for your circumstances, part of living out our faith looks like talking about it; take a courageous step in that direction this summer.

Plug into the church family:

Wherever you’re at in your faith journey, there’s a place for you in this family of faith. The Scriptures describe the church as a body — many different parts with many different functions, working together as a whole. As we live out our faith this summer, soak in Jesus in a Shape Group, at MDWK service, each morning at Rise & Shine, by inviting friends to join you for a watch party on Sunday morning, by sharing posts to your social feeds, praying with us on Fridays, and more! Stay in the loop on all the ways to dig in here.

Take one new step this summer; may the Lord guide you in it and reveal more of His lovingkindness to you!