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A Prayer for the New Year

So many of us have been looking forward to making the end of 2020 and a fresh start in 2021.
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A Worthy Dwelling Place

I don’t underestimate God’s intelligence, but if it were me, I’d question if our world was a safe place for my son, knowing what I know from both the media and experience, and even more so if I were God.
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A Wholehearted Christmas

When I was a kid we lived with my great-aunt. She was great at many things but one thing that stands out in particular is that every year before Christmas she would set up an epic nativity scene.

Making Room For The Other

Of all the characters featured in the nativity story, the one I feel is the most misunderstood is the innkeeper.

Top 20 Apps for Christians of All Ages

While it can feel like our cell phones have us constantly connected with no space for our souls, they can also provide us with some pretty amazing opportunities for spiritual growth as well.

Upload a Grateful Thought

We were a couple months into the pandemic when the questions from my six year old started pouring in...daily.