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Worthy of Trust

I had the good fortune of having memorable childhood vacations with my family.

Your Journey With Scripture

Take a moment to think about the relationship you’ve had with scripture in different seasons of your life...
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Scriptural Superpowers

As a child I remember my mom putting a verse of scripture on our fridge...
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New Translation, Who Dis?

I know it’s a little early to be talking about Christmas but....
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Unchanging Words

Scripture plays a central role in our faith. This ancient library of 66 books has been the source of many a Christian’s faith journey. I thought it would be worth spending this month exploring the different ways we can be impacted by these unchanging words in an ever-changing world.
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Top 20 Christian Apps We Recommend

While it can feel like our cellphones have us constantly connected with no space for our souls, they can also provide us with some pretty amazing opportunities for spiritual growth as well.
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