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Transformation is a Journey

Although there is much to be said of the value of a long life lived with God, I think it’s a mistake to say that potential is determined by time.
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Strange thing what I’m about to share, because it’s just a recap of what you already know. 

Once in a Super Bloom

There’s a thing in California called a “super bloom” which happens about once every decade.
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In the stillness, You are there

Reflecting on these past few months of sheltering-in-place, it feels as if time has moved quickly and slowly at the same time.
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Soak in the SON This Summer

Summer looks very different this year. Shelter-in-place means less travel, fewer events to attend (if any), camps closed, not even summer blockbusters to avoid spoilers for until we can go to the movies.

A Contemplation on Hope:

The Way Back Forward

We can’t go back to the way things were. So how do we move forward in hope?