Rise and Shine

10/12 A Community Of Encouragement

Sometimes, our encouragement comes straight from the Lord, so don't miss out on tomorrow's opportunity to do just that!

10/11 Encouragement: We All Need It

As we live a life in our faith community, a beautiful opportunity emerges. See what that is on today's episode.

10/10 A People Of Encouragement

If we struggle to give encouragement, may today's episode motivate us with this beautiful reminder.

10/9 Encouragement: Receive It

If we're feeling down, may we remember this life-giving truth from today's episode of Rise and Shine.

10/8 Encouragement: Give It

Today's episode challenges us to find the potential in others. But to do so, we must focus on this critical thing.

10/7 Examining Encouragement

Are you ready to rise and shine and encourage someone? Today PT explores Barnabas' example and asks who can we invest in this week.

10/5 Hear and Be Strengthened

Sometimes, all it takes is a word from the Lord. Let us listen and be strengthened on this episode of Rise and Shine.

10/4 Strength for Victory

Rise and Shine and learn how to maintain a long run of victorious living, by drawing strength from a (not so) secret source.

10/3 Settle And Be Strengthened

Sometimes, there is a simple--but difficult--solution to the lack of strength in our lives. See what it is on today's episode.

10/2 Overcome for Others

Today, PT explores a source of motivation if we find ourselves in a place of weakness, unable to gather our strength.

10/1 Tap into His Power

On today's episode, Pastor Terry looks at our greatest source of strength, the power of the living Jesus inside us.

9/30 Reciprocal Community

Rise and shine Cornerstone! Today Pastor Terry explores how the Lord wants us to grow in strength, and one way we can go about getting stronger in our faith walk.

9/28 Reciprocal Community

Ready to rise and shine? Today's episode looks at the gift of community that we find in church.

9/27 Commission And Community

Are we struggling to figure out what God has for us? Today's episode explores just one of the many blessings community provides.

9/26 Community And Humility

Today on Rise and Shine, remember that no matter how gifted we are, we cannot escape this truth in our walk with Jesus.

9/25 Community: A Journey Together

If we feel tempted to do this walk solo, may we receive the life giving exhortation in today's episode of Rise and Shine.

9/24 Courage And Community

If we find ourselves fearful of doing the Lord's will, may we draw strength from the example of Ananias on today's episode.

9/23 Community: The Power Of Others

Want to live more effectively in Jesus? Learn an essential truth on today's episode of Rise and Shine.

9/21 Broken For The Better

As we start our weekend, let's remember that our places of brokenness can lead to places of obedience. May today's episode remind us of the good desires God has for us.

9/20 Broken: Be Still

As our Good Shepherd, sometimes God can take drastic action to safeguard us. May we meditate upon the truth of this episode if we find ourselves in such a place.

9/19 The Blessing Of Brokenness

Do we sense God is asking us to pursue something, but we find ourselves resisting? Let's soften our hearts by reflecting on Paul's example on today's episode.

9/18 Broken And Surrendered

If we want our critical relationships to get better, we'll need to ask this important question from today's episode of Rise and Shine.

9/17 Broken: Ruined By Grace

On today's episode, Pastor Terry explores how when God's grace truly gets hold of us, that our old way of life no longer satisfies.

9/16 Broken Beginnings

Rise and shine Cornerstone! Join PT as he looks at the Apostle Paul's humbling start and the hope we can draw from it.

9/14 Surrendered Together

Rise and Shine and be encouraged not to be passive followers of Jesus by coming to the Lord's house ready to go tomorrow!

9/13 A Surrendered Heart pt 3

Heart work is hard work, but today, PT reminds us why its worth it.

9/12 A Surrendered Heart pt 2

On today's episode, Pastor Terry continues to explore surrender by wondering what is it that we really love most?

9/11 A Surrendered Heart pt 1

Rise and shine and remember your heart is central to surrender, so how is your love for the Lord these days?

9/10 The Struggle To Surrender

On today's episode, PT challenges us by asking, what area of our life needs to be surrendered to God?

9/9 Surrender To Grace

Are you ready to rise and shine? Join PT as he explores how a surrendered life is a growing life.

9/7 Search Together

Let us be inspired by the Ethiopian and his desire to understand the Scriptures by coming to the Lord's house today.

9/6 Search The Scriptures

On today's episode, we see another reason for the sacred conversation in Acts 8 was because of this essential thing that the Ethiopian was doing.

9/5 Humble and Honest

Rise and Shine Cornerstone. Today PT focuses on two key characteristics we must possess if we are looking for breakthrough.

9/4 Follow His Lead

Let's not ignore a simple but important part of a sacred conversation on today's episode of Rise and Shine.

9/3 A Subject Of Conversation

How do we know we've been in a divine appointment? Watch today's episode.

9/2 On the Look Out

Rise and Shine and keep your eyes open this week for the divine appointments that might await us.

8/31 Guiding Light

Rise and Shine! Let's walk in the light of the Lord and think where He wants us go today (since we know that Sunday, He wants us in His house ;)

8/29 Be Better, Not Bitter

On today's episode, PT exhorts us all by looking at Peter's rebuke to Simon.

8/28 Let The Light Shine

Is there an area of our life where we're facing oppression? PT offers this episode as a prayer for you.

8/27 Motives Matter

What does it mean to have a heart that's right before God? Join Pastor Terry as he breaks it down.

8/26 Very Superstitious

Rise and Shine Cornerstone. Today we explore how we can get locked up spiritually and how to avoid it.

8/24 The Comfort Of Community

If we're facing a difficult season, may we not neglect the value of gathering together tomorrow, and listen to today's episode.

8/23 Rooted To Rise

How do we develop a faith that's willing to lose everything? Find out on today's episode of Rise and Shine.

8/22 Praise Through The Storm

On today's episode, let's draw encouragement from God's word as we learn to praise Him in our broken places.

8/21 Pain Has A Purpose

Do you need to be surprised by joy? May today's episode of Rise and Shine stir our faith in the areas where we've been devastated.

8/20 From Death To Life

Even the tragedy of death is not beyond God's power to use for His purposes. Join PT as he sits with the life that came from Stephen's demise.

8/19 It's Not Over

Rise and Shine to the hope of a new week as we look at God's ability to take the worst chapter's of our lives, and transform them into stories of His goodness.

8/17 Passion for His House

As we prepare to gather tomorrow, may we sit with the passion Jesus demonstrated towards His Father's house.

8/16 Passion: The Vital Link

Today on Rise and Shine, let's think about God's promises for this life and the next and allow it to produce gratitude in us.

8/15 Passion: Don't Get Stuck

If we find ourselves going through the motions, may today's episode fill us with motivation as we reflect on God's desire for us.

8/14 Passion: Inspired by Creation

Rise and shine and join PT as he reflects on God's artistic passion expressed in nature and the implication that has on us.

8/13 Passion: Get Fired Up

Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry asks us to examine our own hearts that we might kindle a passion to represent Him well.

8/12 Passion: Love Him With Everything

On this episode of Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry takes a look at what fueled Stephen's bold testimony.

8/10 Reputation and Rhythm

Rise and Shine and be encouraged as we gather tomorrow to strengthen ourselves and continue to build God-honoring reputations.

8/9 Reputation and Being Real

On today's episode, Pastor Terry has us reflect on what God sees when He looks inside our hearts.

8/8 Reputation and Rationale

As we seek to be men and women of good reputation, may we not overlook this important consideration.

8/7 Reputation and Recognition

As we continue to explore reputation, PT discusses the important balance between how people see us and how God sees us.

8/6 Reputation and Representation

Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry explores why it’s important not to neglect what others think about us.

8/5 Reputation and Respect

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! If you’re looking to represent Jesus well, let’s consider this vital characteristic of early church leaders.

8/3 Resilience: Strength In Numbers

On today's episode of Rise and Shine, PT discusses a secret to a resilient faith.

8/2 Resilience: Honor In The Shame

On today's episode, see how the spirit of resilience finds honor in the things that others might consider shameful.

8/1 Resilience: Reframe The Pain

Rise and Shine and learn a beautiful key as to how the apostles were able to persevere in their faith.

7/31 Resilience: Inspired By Others

Today, as we reflect on the resilience of the early church, we hope you'll be encouraged from their amazing example, no matter what you're facing.

7/30 Resilience: Keep Moving

Today on Rise and Shine, PT considers how the apostles refusal to stay stuck in a negative situation allowed them to bounce back.

7/29 Resilience: Live In His Joy

On today's episode, PT looks at the joy that characterized the early church, and how it contributed to their resilience.

7/27 Bolder Together

Hear one of the most practical ways to increase your boldness for the Lord on today's episode of Rise and Shine.

7/26 Who rules our lives?

Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry reflects on what happens when God has the #1 spot in our lives.

7/25 Who do we fear?

Join PT and learn one of the keys to standing or speaking in boldness.

7/24 Walk in peace

Being bold isn't about causing trouble, so let's consider the balance between boldness and peacekeeping on todays episode of Rise and Shine.

7/23 On the Spot

Rise and shine! Today may we learn to be ready to point to Jesus, even if we failed to do so in the past.

7/22 Don't back down

Join PT as he dives into the topic of boldness this week. Today we touch on the moments where shame would seek to silence us.

7/20 Life-Giving Truth

As we gather together in Jesus name tomorrow, may we reflect on this benefit of being truth tellers.

7/19 Tell It Like It Is

On today's episode, we look at one thing that God wants for all His followers.

7/18 Unquestionable Character

While Jesus was confronted by His critics, He knew this unshakable truth. Today, let's learn how we can anchor ourselves when criticism comes.

7/17 Perception vs. Reality

What happens when we're more concerned about how we're perceived? Find out on today's Rise and Shine.

7/16 Don't be a Hypocrite

Join PT as he looks at the higher call of Christ to live a life where our words and deeds line up.

7/15 The Damage of Deceit

This week, Pastor Terry will explore one of the qualities that most undermine our testimony. Find out what that is on today's episode

7/13 Generously Devoted

By opening our hearts to give generously, we're able to accomplish something beautiful. Discover what that is on today's episode.

7/12 The Tithing Principle

Join Pastor Terry as we seek to understand how tithing frees us to trust in God's provision on this episode of Rise and Shine.

7/11 The Spiritual Gift of Giving

While we're all called to give, today Pastor Terry explores the spiritual gift of giving.

7/10 Blessed to be a Blessing

As we continue to explore Barnabas, may we be just as big-hearted when we bless others.

7/9 Barnabas' Gift

As we reflect on Barnabas' remarkable generosity to the early church, let's ask how God is asking us to give on today's episode.

7/8 Rise in Generosity

Let's be inspired by the generosity of the early church as we Rise and Shine today.

7/6 The Price of Rebellion

As we gather tomorrow, lets celebrate our freedom together. Don't miss Pastor Terry's final thoughts on what Jesus purchased for us.

7/5 Rebelling for Freedom

Want more of the freedom Jesus offers? Meditate on today's empowering word from PT.

7/4 The Freedom of Dependance

Today on Rise and Shine, let's rethink of Independence Day as Dependence Day on God that we might live increasingly free lives.

7/3 Rebelling for Transformation

Rise and Shine Cornerstone. Join PT as he sits with how we can humbly rebel against the negative patterns of culture.

7/2 The Wrong Kind of Rebellion

Is there an area where we want to rebel against God's best? Consider this question with PT on today's episode.

7/1 The Right Kind of Rebellion

While God has some strong words about rebelliousness, join PT as he reflects on the right reasons to rebel on today's episode.

6/29 Rise in Community

On today's episode, PT explores an often overlooked aspect of growing in boldness with our faith.

6/28 Rise and Trust

Rise and Shine Cornerstone as we all take a look at where we find our security and how God longs to provide.

6/27 Rise and Represent

How can we better represent God's heart? Don't miss today's episode of Rise and Shine.

6/26 Rise in Boldness

Looking to be more bold in your faith? Sit with what PT has to say on today's episode.

6/25 Rise in Courage

There are many ways to confront fear, but see how being anchored in Christ helps us gain courage on today's Rise and Shine.

6/24 Rise and be Recognized

Join PT as he explores the blessing of what happens to us as we spend more time with Jesus.

6/22 Rise for Others

Rise and Shine everyone and let's consider the ripple effect of God's healing of the lame beggar.

6/21 Rise and Praise

On today's episode, Pastor Terry explores the importance of imitating the response of the lame man after he was healed.

6/20 Rise and Engage God

Join Pastor Terry as he considers how when we cooperate with what God is doing, amazing things can happen.

6/19 Rise and Look

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! Sometimes, before a move of God, He calls us to do this one thing. Don't miss it!

6/18 Strengthened to Rise

Do we have an area in our lives that needs a divine touch of strength? Don't miss today's episode where PT looks at how the Lord empowers us.