Rise and Shine

4/4 Do We Feel Stuck?

Though we may feel disappointment creeping in, today's episode offers a refreshing antidote. Find out what it is...

4/3 Who Can Help Us?

It's interesting to note that Jesus asked the woman to help Him get water from the well, so let's think whose help do we need today?

4/2 What Am I Demanding?

What is our attitude towards God? This episode looks at our hearts when we ask God for things in prayer.

4/1 Why Am I Bitter?

Today PT encourages us not to live bound up in grievance--rather to live in the goodness of God right where we are.

3/31 What Do I Deserve?

When we think about God, how do we think about what we deserve from Him? Don't miss this insightful episode of Rise and Shine.

3/30 Where Is My Hope?

Check out today's episode for an invaluable reminder when we face the disappointments of life.

3/28 Come To The Water

PT poses the idea Jesus is waiting for us to come, just as He did for the woman at the well. Tomorrow, may we drink deeply of this blessing online.

3/27 A Deeper Relationship

The Lord can stir our hearts to be open to a deeper level of intimacy with Him. Pastor Terry prays that would happen on today's episode.

3/26 If We Only Knew

Today, PT prays our understanding would expand so that we might be aware of what He wants to do in our lives.

3/25 Don't Settle For Less

This episode focuses on how we often settle for much less than the Lord wants to give. May we be open for the more that Jesus has!

3/24 He Knows Our Need

Today's episode of Rise and Shine explores whether we know our true need or not, Jesus can meet us there--if we're open.

3/23 Jesus Come

PT unpacks how Jesus must go through Samaria, and as a result, meets the woman at the well. Is there an area where we need Jesus to go?

3/21 Disruption And Devotion

As we prepare to gather digitally tomorrow, though we long to meet in person, let us consider how disruption can move us towards devotion.

3/20 Who Needs Disrupting?

On this episode of Rise and Shine, PT asks if we were to lovingly represent Jesus to someone today, whom would it be?

3/19 The Disruption Of Truth

This episode looks at another way Jesus is a disrupter--when we're forced to consider His truth claims.

3/18 Passion And Disruption

Today on Rise and Shine, PT explores how Jesus is not only tender and loving, but that he is also capable of passionate zeal.

3/17 Encouraging Disruption

Healings don't always make everyone happy, so today PT asks, is there a person we should encourage to get better?

3/16 Jesus The Disrupter

This week, we'll explore an aspect of Jesus character that may sound counter intuitive, but is necessary as He brings restoration.

3/14 Healed from Fear

The Lord can also heal our fears. If we find ourselves struggling today, may this episode help us draw courage in the Lord.

3/13 He Loves To Heal

This episode of Rise and Shine continues to explore how Jesus loves to heal and how we are to pass that along as wounded healers.

3/12 Healed And Delivered

Today PT reminds us of the powerful reality of Jesus' healing when it comes to spiritual oppression.

3/11 Pain And Isolation

Is there a temptation to isolate because of relational pain? May we seek Jesus healing through the power of community.

3/10 Where Does It Hurt?

Today on Rise and Shine PT asks, are there any wounds in our life that need to be bound?

3/9 Jesus The Healer

This week we'll explore how Jesus is the healer, starting today with a prayer for healing.

3/7 Inviting Words

Shine the light refuse to fight. Make the invite! May the Lord grant us gracious and life-giving words seasoned with salt.

3/6 Friendly Words

Phillip gives us a great example of what to do when our invite is met with hostility. Check out today's episode to learn what he did.

3/5 The Word Of Our Testimony

Today PT asks is there someone we know who needs to hear the story of our testimony? Let's be courageous and share!

3/4 Wise Words

Are you in a place where an answer is required? Don't miss today's episode for a dose of heavenly wisdom.

3/3 Gracious Words

Are the words that come from your mouth life-giving? Join PT to consider how we might be more gracious.

3/2 Good Words

Today on Rise and Shine, we learn one way to show people that we are followers of Christ.

2/29 Gratitude and Flexiblilty

Rise and Shine Cornerstone and consider how being anchored in the Lord helps us remain flexible whether we have plenty, or we lack.

2/28 Gratitude and Contentment

Today we are reminded that the secret of contentment isn't in what we have or don't have, but is something else entirely.

2/27 A Key to Gratitude

When it comes to gratitude, a critical component is the mindset Pastor Terry will talk about on today's episode.

2/26 A Prayer of Gratitude

Who are the people who are committed to our well being? Today's episode encourages us to stop and pray blessing over them.

2/25 Gratitude For Others

Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry asks who are the people who bring meaning and value to our lives?

2/24 Expanding our Gratitude

Today, PT explores an integral part of the healthy and growing Christian life.

2/22 Focus On What's Excellent

Remember that where our mind goes, we go. So today let's dwell on the most praiseworthy thing of all, Jesus.

2/21 Focus On What's Admirable

While it's easy to think poorly about others, today let's emphasize the good qualities about people.

2/20 Focus On What's Lovely

Today's episode has us consider the beautiful things God has created for us to enjoy and be refreshed by.

2/19 Focus On What's Right

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! As we live our lives, may we always ask this important question of God.

2/18 Focus On What's True

As we continue to consider our thought life, are there any areas where our mind is imagining things that aren't true?

2/17 Expand our Focus

Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry asks, what things dominate our thoughts?

2/15 Mercy's Challenge

Is there an area of our lives where we need to believe more? May God expand our vision to see His power.

2/14 Mercy's Invitation

Is there something where we need to confess God can do it? Let's ponder that on today's episode.

2/13 Mercy and Healing

Rise and Shine Cornerstone. Today PT prays that as we align with faith's confession that healing would flow.

2/12 Mercy and Compassion

As we continue to sit with the wonders of mercy, let us not forget what the Lord waits for us to do.

2/11 Mercy and Belief

When we ask for mercy, do we believe we'll receive it? Join PT as he discusses this next step.

2/10 It Starts with Mercy

Today on Rise and Shine, PT explores the importance of a cry for mercy to Jesus.

2/8 Take Spiritual Inventory

Rise and Shine and take a moment to take stock of our lives, the rooms within, and how we are decorating them. May God make them beautiful.

2/7 Spiritual Decluttering

Another way we can beautify a specific room in our life is to re-organize it. Join PT as he discusses spiritual clutter and how we might address it.

2/6 More than Builders

We're not just builders--we're decorators. Today PT has us ponder if there is a specific room in our life that we're to beautify.

2/5 Seasonal Building Projects

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! Pastor Terry's prayer today is that we gain insight into the seasonal project the Lord has us working on.

2/4 Build with Quality

As wise builders, we must also inspect the quality of what we're building. Today PT asks, how is that going?

2/3 Building With Wisdom

Have we considered how we are building our lives? Join PT as he explores what it means to build with wisdom.

2/1 What Are We Building

Join Pastor Terry as we ask this pivotal question, and also consider what we are building together.

1/31 A Successful Foundation

A successful foundation is an unshakable one. Join PT as he explores this insight.

1/30 Built To Last

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! Rather than focusing on achieving a goal, let's focus on this critical component of building wisely.

1/29 Testing the Foundation

Today on Rise and Shine, we explore the tragic reality of what happens to unworthy foundations when storms come.

1/28 All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand

Let's build wisely! Today's episode focuses on the deception of the wrong foundation.

1/27 Building Well

Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry explores what it takes to wisely build our lives.‍

1/25 Expanding Together

Today PT marvels at how God doesn't just build us into individual spiritual houses, but that we're all being built up together with Jesus.

1/24 Expanding Our Worth

Do we realize how precious a gift Jesus is? Let's pause and reflect on His incredible value and how He infuses us with worth as He builds.

1/23 Building And Expansion

Rise and Shine Cornerstone. Join PT as he sits with how God expands us by building us up into a spiritual house.

1/22 A Hunger For Experience

Today's Rise and Shine explores the idea that spiritual growth isn't just knowing more about God, but experiencing more of Him as well.

1/21 A Hunger For Kindness

Today PT discusses that as we grow spiritually, we should also grow in our experience of this aspect of God's character.

1/20 A Hunger For Righteousness

If we're hungering for growth this year, then let's focus on hungering after this particular topic from today's Rise and Shine.

1/18 Forgetting The Heaviness

Sometimes, we get crushed beneath the weight of a burden. Today, PT has us consider what things we're carrying that God didn't ask us to.

1/17 Forgetting The Hurt

Sometimes, hurts and offenses seem impossible to let go of. Receive Pastor Terry's prayer of healing this day and may God's mercy flow.

1/16 Forgetting The Darkness

Sometimes, the darkness can feel overwhelming. Today, let us consider the power, hope, and beauty we find in the light of Jesus.

1/15 Forget Then Focus

An important part of forgetting is focusing. Join PT as he asks a vital question that we should consider daily.

1/14 Don't Forget About Joy

Pastor Terry dives into the fact that we're not just forgetting, but focusing on important things, like the theme of today's episode.

1/13 Called to Forget

Rise and Shine Cornerstone, and think about what it means to leave things behind this year. Let's listen for we're supposed to let go of.

1/11 A Habit of Expansion

If we want to pursue the thing that God has for us in 2020, let's not forget this important habit we must develop.

1/10 Focused On Expansion

As we look towards the year ahead, let's not forget to ask this vital question throughout 2020.

1/9 A Trajectory of Expansion

Rise and Shine and be encouraged today to stay on the path towards the new thing God is working in you!

1/8 Release And Expand

In order to receive the new, old things must be released. What do you sense the Lord is asking you to let go of this year?

1/7 Expansion and Innovation

Like a master artist, God does works of innovation in our lives. Today on Rise and Shine we ask, where do we sense God at work?

1/6 Positioned to Expand

Today PT asks how are we positioning ourselves to receive the new things the Lord has for us.

1/4 Plant The Flag

Rise and shine Cornerstone! As we dive into our newest series, Expand, let's consider how we can dedicate ourselves to growth this year.

1/3 A Year of Focus

Another great question to ask at the outset of the year, what key thing does God want us to focus on?

1/2 Let's Live It Out

Today, Pastor Terry asks a very important question how we can live out our faith in 2020. May God continue to mold us this year.

1/1 Pause and Look Forward

Besides looking back, today's episode mentions another way to maximize the potential blessings of the year ahead.

12/31 Pause and Look Back

Today on Rise and Shine, PT suggests one key way in which we can prepare for the year ahead.

12/30 A Unique Week

Rise and shine and let's finish 2019 well! Today Pastor Terry sets the stage for what makes this such a special week.

12/28 Listening at Christmas

Rise and Shine and let's all think about the areas of our lives that we'd like to invite Jesus into.

12/27 Thankfulness and Christmas

Today on Rise and Shine, PT suggests another way to extend the Christmas moment.

12/26 Sitting With Christmas

Let's not move too quickly. Today's episode encourages us to pause and reflect on the hope that is present at this time of year.

12/25 Remembering Christmas

Merry Christmas! May we all remember that Jesus was the greatest gift ever given because He changed everything.

12/24 Celebrating Christmas

Today, PT reminds us that Christmas is to be celebrated! Join us tonight at Riordan (5P & 7P) for our Candlelight Service.

12/23 Pondering Christmas

Rise and Shine Cornerstone; it's almost Christmas! As we anticipate Christ's birth, let us all be like Mary and take this beneficial step.

12/21 Celebrating Generosity

What will you do with the invitation to celebrate God's generosity? Think about it on today's episode.

12/20 Giving Gifts

Today's episode explores how we can both bless God and also those around us.

12/19 Stirred to Generosity

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! In light of gods generosity to us, how can we be more generous at this time of year?

12/18 A Generous Love

Today on Rise and Shine we sit with the idea that we are truly loved by God, and the implications that has over our life.

12/17 Generosity Embodied

On today's episode PT asks where do we need God the most this season? Join PT as he invites Jesus in.

12/16 The Generosity of God

Rise and Shine and let's ponder the goodness and generosity of our God together and how that can transform us.

12/14 Sing A Song of Celebration

Are we open to receive the light and hope available at this time of year? PT prayer is that we'd all be eager and receptive.

12/13 Start Singing Now

Why wait 'til December 25th? Pastor Terry challenges us all to begin singing the praises of God today!

12/12 Just Sing!

Pastor Terry challenges us to do something simple but beautiful in praise of Jesus on today's episode.

12/11 Sing A Song Of Wonder

Today PT reminds us of an important facet of any praise we offer the Lord. Don't miss it.