Rise and Shine

2/24 Space For Grace

May we mend relationships by giving space and time - God does this for us 24/7/365. Let's reach with open hands for His patience 🀲

2/23 Patience

Is there a more telling aspect of Love than patience? Lord Jesus, rip and replace our expectations with Your patience πŸ™

2/22 God. Is. Love. ❀️

Some of us are gifted speakers, encouragers, givers and comedic - none matter if not done with love. How we love is what God sees. #breakthrough

2/20 We Are Called to Grow and Know

Let's not let our schedule, our bills, our effort create a facade of faith. If it is not Holy, it is not Him. #breakthrough

2/19 A Loyal Love ❀️

Lord, replace our playbook for happiness in this life - it is transient and unsustainable. You modeled the way, the truth and the life πŸ™Œ

2/18 Surrender, Submission and Alignment

It seems counter-intuitive to experience Your peace in our surrender. Help us breakthrough our rational thinking to a new level of awareness 🀲

2/17 Love Him In Utter Totality

We may not deserve or match His love for us...and we will experience breakthrough when reaching for it‼️

2/16 The Great Command

Would you describe yourself as totally in love with Jesus? May we surrender that which binds us. Lord, help us love You more πŸ™

2/15 A Holy Heartburn ❀️

Could we love God more, even now? Are we loving others and things more than Him? Let's create greater space for Him and His love ❀️ #breakthrough

2/13 Catalytic Faith

Lord, may we experience a catalytic faith today - a declaration of our faith, an unseen helping hand, an awareness of Your glory. In Jesus' Name πŸ™. #breakthrough

2/12 Caring Triggers Daring

When we care, we can move mountains ‼️ Don't let apathy settle in - contend for a daring heart of worship ❀️

2/11 A Frivolous Faith

Lord, help us not be frivolous with our faith. May we genuinely care about our thoughts, words and deeds.

2/10 A Holy Yearning For Satisfaction

May we be obsessed with an awareness to intentionally be closer to God - to feel His satisfaction with us πŸ™Œ

2/9 God-inspired Self-dissatisfaction

The art of contentment includes reaching...reaching for more growth, for more improvement, for more of Him ‼️

2/8 Motivation From Motion

There is no virtue in denial. Lord, give us a heart that wants to live for You πŸ™ #breakthrough

2/6 A Living Heart ❀️

Lord, get our hearts on fire. Help us genuinely care more πŸ™. #breakthrough

2/5 God Is Always Faithful

Instead of burying talents, bury fear. He is above, below, before and behind us - Hallelujah ‼️

2/4 Raise Your Talents

The Lord has given us talents. Let's not bury them in fear - rather raise them with honor and gladness πŸ™Œ

2/3 Faith Not Fear

Let's not come up with reasons to shy away from serving. May we live out our faith in action πŸ™

2/2 The Power of Responding

Another key to breakthrough is our attitude - excellent effort in all things for God's glory.

2/1 Happy Feet

How we serve is as important as why we serve. May we serve with child-like joy and wonder πŸ™Œ #breakthrough

1/30 We Get To Serve

Let's serve with a heart of joyful obedience. Stay open and intentional to Holy Spirit's promptings 🀲 #breakthrough

1/29 Devotional Doing

The Lord knows our heart. He knows when we act out of devoted love for Him ❀️

1/28 Fruit of The Spirit

Another key to breakthrough is living with joy. Listen and live out His Word - it is designed to bring us joy ‼️

1/27 Let's Do ‼️

Lord, give us a willingness to be doers - living out Your Word with peace and joy πŸ™

1/26 Pause To Ponder

While we are doers, let's also rest and reflect on our lives - be careful to not get ahead of ourselves.

1/25 Be Doers of God's Word

May we exercise His Words into action. Let's build our spiritual muscles for His glory πŸ™Œ #breakthrough

1/23 A Balm For Brokenness

His Word is the ultimate healing medicine for our soul. Hallelujah‼️ #breakthrough

1/22 Open Hands 🀲

Lord, help us humbly accept Your Word as a gift of never-ending peace. Even now. For eternity πŸ™

1/21 His Word Creates Breakthroughs ‼️

There is no power like His Word. May we be attentive to hear, receive and accept to transform our lives πŸ™

1/20 Planting God's Word

May we nurture and plant His Word into our hearts and lives - through verses, stories and studies.

1/19 Humble Acceptance

Lord, help us humbly accept Your Word into our hearts. It breathes truth, light and love ❀️

1/18 Pushing Into Breakthrough

This walk is not necessarily meant to be easy. Intentional obedience is tantamount to our morality πŸ™Œ #breakthrough

1/16 Let's Not Be Detached

May we intentionally stay attached to others, even now. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. #breakthrough

1/15 When To Speak

Lord help us discern when to each person and in every situation πŸ™

1/14 Wisdom Through Listening

A calm, keen ear can lead to breakthrough. May our first response be to listen and to listen well.

1/13 Be Slow To Anger

May we be more responsive and less reactive - slower to anger and easier to peace πŸ™

1/12 Give Him Our Hearts ❀️

God's grace gives us the real opportunity to shed our former selves. His love prevails over all πŸ™Œ

1/11 Be Open To His Touch

We are gifted with a personal invitation into a relationship with God through Jesus. Let's increase our love loyalty ❀️ #breakthrough

1/9 Contending For Breakthrough

God's compassion for us is incomprehensible. We may not deserve it, yet there it is ❀️

1/8 Return To The Lord Because He Is Merciful

Even when we fail God, God is merciful. Jesus came not to judge us, but to save us. Hallelujah ‼️

1/7 Tearing and Tearing

If your heart is tearing and your eyes are tearing, that's ok. Embrace a spirit of vulnerability to share with Him πŸ™πŸΌ

1/6 Restraint, Repentance and Sensitivity

God uses our brokenness. Perhaps there are patterns we can break if we can be more sensitive.

1/5 A Growing Plane

It's a natural tendency to forget His faithfulness. He wants our love - all of it, all of the time.

1/4 Turn Toward Him For Breakthrough

Breakdown -> Breakthrough -> Breakout ‼️ We must turn to Him for a breakthrough. Surrender pride and receive His sustenance πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

1/2 The God of New Beginning ❀️

God's Word is the ultimate energy of the universe. And in Christ we are a new creation ‼️

1/1 Joyous New Year ‼️

Let's be open in new ways - an even deeper intention on hearing from Him πŸ™πŸΌ

12/31 Rejoice In The Lord πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Tell Him we appreciate all that He has given us. We are never alone. He will always be with us. Praise God

12/30 Create Space and Reflect

Let's intentionally take time to give Him praise. Write, sing, pray...all with a spirit of gratitude πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

12/29 Finish Well

May we use this last week of the year to be thankful for the goodness we take for granted - He is always faithful.

12/28 An Interlude To A New Gift

The Lord is always with us...yesterday, today and forever. May we reflect on this year with gratitude and grace πŸ™πŸΌ

12/26 Every Day Is A Gift

Jesus is the greatest gift we will ever receive! We are rich and we are blessed πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

12/25 Merry Christmas ❀️

Jesus brings us peace with God, peace with others and peace with our mind.

12/24 Christmas Eve ❀️

In a cold, dark world; comes a living God. Let our joy be full. Prepare our hearts! πŸ™πŸΌ

12/23 Stay In The Way of Peace

We may feel tempted even now - refuse to be in a fight - Jesus brings the Joy! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

12/22 Jesus The Prince of Peace

Let's not resist the way He wants us to go - wandering leads us to stress and strife.

12/21 A Settled Place

The Lord wants to settle our soul with His healing waters. Welcome Him in and feel His relief πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

12/19 The Shadow Lands

Jesus has come to meet us in the darkest, dying places. Hallelujah!

12/18 He Illuminates Our Path

It's easy to get tripped up in dark spaces. May we lean into Him even more in these places πŸ™πŸΌ

12/17 Light Comes Into Darkness

God's grace allows light to shine in our darkest places - His is the only sustainable light!

12/16 He > Us

Jesus meets us in our lowly places - let's invite Him there.

12/15 The Bread of Life

Lord come and replace our darkest spaces with your light and love πŸ™πŸΌ

12/14 Keep Our Hearts Soft

God's love comes to us right where we are - may we be open and honest to receive.

12/12 Let's Be Ambassadors of His Tenderness

Let's practice His tenderness - for Him, on others and even on ourselves ❀️

12/11 Jesus Invites Us Into Tenderness

May we exemplify His tenderness even when we find ourselves in life's tinderbox moments.

12/10 Jesus Revealed His Tenderness

We control our attitude and behavior - may we live and love with kind, gentle tenderness.

12/9 The Tender Mercy of Our God

We don't deserve it yet God forgives us with gentleness and tenderness. Thank You Jesus πŸ™πŸΌ

12/8 His Coming Is Like The Dawn

The Son Rise of God is the sunrise in our lives. Every morning we receive this gift πŸ™Œ

12/7 The Season of His Coming

If we create room for Him in our heart, He will chase away any darkness and fill the cracks of our heart with His love.

12/5 Determined To Serve With Love ❀️

May His love continue to amaze us - and may we give others love for His glory πŸ™Œ

12/4 Let's Give Him Our Best!

We are free in the Lord and He gave us free will. May we serve with gratitude and gladness πŸ™πŸΌ

12/3 He Fills Us with Wonder and Love ❀️

Lord we want to be closer to You. Help us love like You - in our thoughts, words and deeds.

12/2 Serve The Lord With Gladness

Sing out loud with gladness! He has broken our chains and restored our strength!

12/1 Join His Joyful Party!

We feel His love in our hearts when we give Him praise ❀️

11/30 He Puts A Song In Our Heart

God loves when we sing to Him. Even now may we continue to praise and glorify Him with song.

11/28 Keep Growing During Prosperity

We never stop needing the Lord. He wants us to lean on Him the same during times of abundance.

11/27 Remember The Broken Places

Growing closer to Him does not mean forget our lowly experiences - remember for sensitivity and empathy toward others ❀

11/26 Stay Grateful πŸ™Œ

May we be grateful to Him for all people, all things and all times!

11/25 Humility Over Pride

Let's be humble when we're in the palace of life - He resists the proud.

11/24 Resilience During Success

May we stay desperate in the Lord even when experiencing success πŸ™

11/23 Resilience in Prosperity

When life is going well let's not lose our focus on Jesus - be aware and intentional of our obedience.

11/21 Live in His Promise

His love is all we need. May we give all of our heart to Him ❀

11/20 The Lord is a Promise Keeper

May we keep our promise and commitment - let's follow Him all the days of our lives.

11/19 Hold Your Line

Stand firm against the worldly pressure to turn away from God. He is The Truth πŸ™Œ

11/18 Continue To Do His Will

Let's stay stubborn in our obedience to Him - fiercely and fully committed to the Lord.

11/17 Cling To Him

Let's not allow temptation to shake our confidence in Him. He is with us and for us!

11/16 Grip Your Confidence

Disavowing our confidence diminishes our trust in the Lord. He is always faithful - keep a firm grip of confidence in Him!

11/14 Refined Faith

God uses the problems and pains of life as mechanisms to purify our faith.

11/13 Genuine, Authentic Faith

The testing places of life are the purifying places of life - let's go and grow together!

11/12 Stay Joyful

The trials and tribulations of this world are temporary - may we live with an eternal perspective.

11/11 Problems Can Offer Power

God can turn around any situation, so rejoice and feel the power of His love!

11/10 The Value of Problems

God uses the problems of life to grow us when we allow Him to work with us.

11/9 To Live Is To Be Vulnerable

May we receive strength and wisdom to be problem solvers - the Lord is with us!

11/7 Align Our Intentions

We experience breakthrough when we are attentive to God's intentions - let His be ours!

11/6 Follow Through

Let's act on our good intentions by encouraging and uplifting others.

11/5 Recognize Gratitude

May we be extra thankful to those that remind us of consistent grace - for they model God's love.

11/4 Embrace Positivity

Let's ponder the positivity in any disappointing situation. God is always with us!

11/3 The Lord Reigns Above All

When we find ourselves in a disappointing place...reset, reposition and return to Him.

11/2 Reset and Recalibrate

If we don't shift, we can get stuck and not move forward - that is not God's will for us.

10/31 Refreshing Others

Choose to bless and encourage others. What a wonderful cycle of refreshness!