Rise and Shine

11/23 Resilience in Prosperity

When life is going well let's not lose our focus on Jesus - be aware and intentional of our obedience.

11/21 Live in His Promise

His love is all we need. May we give all of our heart to Him ❤

11/20 The Lord is a Promise Keeper

May we keep our promise and commitment - let's follow Him all the days of our lives.

11/19 Hold Your Line

Stand firm against the worldly pressure to turn away from God. He is The Truth 🙌

11/18 Continue To Do His Will

Let's stay stubborn in our obedience to Him - fiercely and fully committed to the Lord.

11/17 Cling To Him

Let's not allow temptation to shake our confidence in Him. He is with us and for us!

11/16 Grip Your Confidence

Disavowing our confidence diminishes our trust in the Lord. He is always faithful - keep a firm grip of confidence in Him!

11/14 Refined Faith

God uses the problems and pains of life as mechanisms to purify our faith.

11/13 Genuine, Authentic Faith

The testing places of life are the purifying places of life - let's go and grow together!

11/12 Stay Joyful

The trials and tribulations of this world are temporary - may we live with an eternal perspective.

11/11 Problems Can Offer Power

God can turn around any situation, so rejoice and feel the power of His love!

11/10 The Value of Problems

God uses the problems of life to grow us when we allow Him to work with us.

11/9 To Live Is To Be Vulnerable

May we receive strength and wisdom to be problem solvers - the Lord is with us!

11/7 Align Our Intentions

We experience breakthrough when we are attentive to God's intentions - let His be ours!

11/6 Follow Through

Let's act on our good intentions by encouraging and uplifting others.

11/5 Recognize Gratitude

May we be extra thankful to those that remind us of consistent grace - for they model God's love.

11/4 Embrace Positivity

Let's ponder the positivity in any disappointing situation. God is always with us!

11/3 The Lord Reigns Above All

When we find ourselves in a disappointing place...reset, reposition and return to Him.

11/2 Reset and Recalibrate

If we don't shift, we can get stuck and not move forward - that is not God's will for us.

10/31 Refreshing Others

Choose to bless and encourage others. What a wonderful cycle of refreshness!

10/30 Keys To Resilience

May we lead with a spirit of empathy - kindness and consideration for others.

10/29 Quality Work For Him

We can honor God with our ethic and excellence in all things we do. For His glory!

10/28 Confinement Is Not Definement

Especially now we must trust God to not be imprisoned by confinement. He wants us free!

10/27 We Can Choose Our Attitude

When we live in the promise of the Lord, we can give Him glory through our thoughts, words and deeds.

10/26 Tenacity Over Adversity

Let's not be defined by our walls of adversity - let's grow over them.

10/24 Temptation From Vulnerabilities

God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

10/23 Temptation From Old Patterns

May we have humility, honesty with our own vulnerabilities and recognize our blind spots.

10/22 Temptation In Emergency Crisis

Sometimes prayer is one word, "HELP!" He will respond!

10/21 Temptation We Can't Avoid

The Lord is an ever present help in times of trouble.

10/20 Temptation from Self

When faced with temptation, our decisions reveal our truth.

10/19 Temptation from Seduction

When we come to a fork in the road, let's choose His path.

10/17 Overcoming One Decision At A Time

Let's never disconnect the small choices from the big choices that will come.

10/16 Overcoming With Sobriety

None of us are invulnerable. Let's be sober with our self assessments.

10/15 Overcoming By Facing

Somethings require us to face them and not run away from them.

10/14 Overcoming By Fleeing

There are times we need to make a change that will end up saving us.

10/13 Overcoming Culture Trend

Sometimes, God calls us to be counter-cultural in our love for Him.

10/12 Overcoming Temptation

There will always be a temptation to get off course. But His way is the way of blessing.

10/10 Living Better

When we follow Jesus, we will need to die to things, so we can live into the good things God has for us.

10/9 Submitting Better

Are there things that God is inviting us to submit to?

10/8 Committing Better

There are commitments the Lord wants us to keep, because His love calls us to see it through.

10/7 Better At Humility

Let's follow the Lord's model of walking humbly before others.

10/6 Sacrificing Better

Are there places where our pride is getting in the way of something? The way of Jesus is the way of a servant.

10/5 Loving Others Better

God has given us people to love well. In order to do it, we will be challenged to overcome our self centered desires.

10/3 Antidote of His Word

The gift of a sabbath materializes when we make room for His Words to settle within us. Let's make room for His Words today!

10/2 Pressure Point Antidote

God wants to meet us in the pressure points of life so the pressure doesn't crush us.

10/1 Sorrow Antidote

If we walk with Him, He takes our sorrow and lifts our countenance.

9/30 Anxiety Antidote

It is possible to guard against the thief of peace in the midst of struggle and trial. Let's welcome Him into our situations today.

9/29 Antidote Giver

When the thief of peace comes, we must turn toward the peace giver. He has the antidote we need for our anxiety.

9/28 The Thief Antidote

His words are just what we need to keep our peace.

9/26 DeeperThrough Hardship

When we lean on the Lord in the broken and hard places of life, our souls only deepen in strength.

9/25 Stronger Through Hardship

If we trust God in hardship, our ability to handle the tough things in life only increases.

9/24 Capacity Increase Through Hardship

God is able to use the hard things in life to increase our threshold of endurance. May we allow Him to do it today!

9/23 Accepting The Hardship

The strength of our soul is dissipated when we fight against the hard things that enter our lives. Sometimes, the best way through it begins by accepting it.

9/22 Enduring Through Hardship

Many times, it's about remaining soft before the Lord during the hardships of life. May He help us do this.

9/21 Growing Through Hardship

Many times, God doesn't ask us to simply survive hardship, but to expand through it. Let's be open to His expansion within us.

9/19 Victory Through Praise

The best thing we can do sometimes is to choose to praise God when we are battling ourselves.

9/18 Victory Through His Love

In Jesus there is always grace, life, and redemption.

9/17 Victory Through His Promise

In Jesus there is always grace, life, and redemption.

9/16 Victory Through His Grace

In Jesus there is always grace, life, and redemption.

9/15 Victory Over Our Guilt

The overcoming life is based around the ability to surrender our shame to Jesus.

9/14 Victory Over Ourselves

God wants to give us the power to overcome ourselves. The power comes from God, but the choice to surrender to His power is ours.

9/12 Why Not Me?

If someone else took credit for work we did, take solace in the fact that we ultimately work not for the praise of people, but of God.

9/11 Who Will Know?

Today on Rise and Shine, if we're tempted to cut corners, stand on this truth--the way we work is an act of worship.

9/10 Who Cares?

Other times, the challenge is not getting recognized for what we are doing. Don't forget, the Lord sees it! More importantly, He cares.

9/9 Who Is Watching?

Sometimes, the challenge is staying diligent when no one is looking. May we honor the Lord in these moments by working for Him.

9/8 How You Work

If we're struggling to keep a good attitude at work, may we focus on this beautiful fact from the life of Jesus.

9/7 Who You Work For

When it comes to overcoming at work, let us start by remembering this important truth.

9/5 Trustworthy in the Land of Why

Our love for God shows up most when no one is looking. May we love Him well!

9/4 Faithful in the Land of Why

Unfavorable circumstances are opportunities to demonstrate our faithfulness. May He give us grace to do it!

9/3 Tenacious in the Land of Why

Is there something God is asking us to tenaciously hold onto?

9/2 Honor in the Land of Why

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to choose to honor the Lord when nothing else makes sense.

9/1 Hope in the Land of Why

Let's not let the why's of life cause us to give up. Hope is the way to move out of the land of why.

8/31 Trust in the Land of Why

It is tempting to get stuck in the land of why. Let's choose to trust God in that land.

8/29 Breaking out of the Pain

Moments of breakthrough only come from taking one step at a time. Let's never stop taking one more step.

8/28 Climbing Through The Pain

The clarity we so yearn in the midst of pain is only found when we climb through it. Clarity is coming, if we remain on the climb.

8/27 Trusting Through The Pain

Pain has a way of eliminating our ability to see clearly. So it is important to trust God with what we are seeing and trust Him with all we do not see.

8/26 Focus Through The Pain

When pain makes our future dim, let's focus on today.

8/25 Leaning Through The Pain

Sometimes, the best thing to do in our painful places is to choose to lean on God.

8/24 Prospering Through The Pain

When we choose to focus on the Lord in the painful places, God will help us prosper even there.

8/22 The Better Place

We know the adage, let's get better not bitter. Hurt tastes bitter, but God makes us better through it.

8/21 The Troubled Place

Trauma can defeat or deepen us. Sometimes we aren't allowed to remain the same. May God strengthen us to deepen.

8/20 The Transitional Place

Sometimes, we are forced to make transitions we do not desire. God wants to give us the grace we need through those places.

8/19 The Revealing Place

The pressure and pain of life reveals things within us. May they reveal a person after God's own heart.

8/18 The Triumphant Place

The final destination Christ wants to take us is the Triumphant Place. Let's let Him take us there one day at a time.

8/17 The Testing Place

Is the Word of the Lord testing us today? Maybe that's where we are supposed to be.

8/15 Perspective in the Pit

No matter how wounded or despairing we feel, let us receive the grace of our wounded healer and savior Jesus Christ.

8/14 Other People in the Pit

Do we have a loved one in a pit that we can't help? We pray this episode would encourage you.

8/13 Praise in the Pit

In good times, it's easy to praise God, but have we ever had to praise from the pit? May our hearts experience liberation as we do so.

8/12 His Presence In The Pit

Are we in a pit of despair? God is with us in those moments. Draw comfort how Joseph did.

8/11 Who Put Us in the Pit

As we continue exploring Joseph's ability to overcome, we'll sit with the disproportionate response of Joseph's brothers to his immaturity.

8/10 The Pain of the Pit

If we have experienced deep relational wounds, then today's episode is for you. May healing come in Jesus name.

8/8 Growing Optimism

Let's never concede to the negativity of life!

8/7 Growing Resilience

God wants us to be people of resilient promise.

8/6 Growing Wisdom

Adversity has the ability to reveal where we really are, giving us the opportunity to grow in wisdom.

8/5 Growing Strength

Where do we need strength from God right now? Let's be open to the strength He wants to give us.

8/4 Growing Deeper

Adversity has a way of deepening our soul, if we do not throw away our confidence in God.

8/3 Growing Over The Unfair

Are there unfair things that have come into our lives? God can use these impositions as well. See how here.

8/1 An Opportunity to Prune

Is there something God is asking us to trust Him with today?

7/31 An Opportunity to Endure

God wants to teach us how to overcome by learning how to endure by being patient.

7/30 An Opportunity to Catalyze

A problem could convert a painful place into a joyful place because of what God does in our lives.