Rise and Shine

7/9 Never Without Hope

Let's turn to Jesus and we shall know not be disappointed. For with Him there is always hope.

7/8 Never to Quit

Let's determine to not quit contending for God's best. Surely, we shall see it!

7/7 Full Heart

It's only when we refuse to delude what we see that we are able to move forward with the good things God has for us.

7/6 Clear Sight

May the Lord give us clear us to see what He wants us to see. Before we can do anything, we must have eyes to see.

7/4 True Freedom

True freedom is found in being a servant of His love.

7/3 Quick To Follow Through

Sometimes, we need to recommit ourselves to following through on good intentions. Let's see our intentions through!

7/2 Quick To See

Let's not miss on God's best for us by pretending not to see what He's pointing out in our lives.

7/1 Quick To Focus

Are we getting distracted from the good focal points God has for us?

6/30 Quick To Remember

Reflecting and revisiting His words is one way to activate what God is speaking into us.

6/29 Quick To Respond

What is God asking us to be attentive to? What is He asking us to respond to?

6/27 Do It Together

Gathering together reminds us of the things that are most important, but it also provides this other needed blessing.

6/26 Do It Now

Today's episode focuses on avoiding this common problem that prevents us from putting our faith into action.

6/25 What Do We Do?

A crucial question to ponder is what is God calling us to do this season? PT suggests some options on today's episode.

6/24 Do What You Know

Today PT observes that faith doesn't simply show up, it must be exercised daily by putting into action what we've learned from God's Word.

6/23 Hear And Do

Today on Rise and Shine, we look at the words of Jesus and ask, are we building our life on sand or The Rock?‍

6/22 Faith In Action

What is the most neglected word in the Bible? Find out on today's episode.

6/20 Meekness That Transforms

His Word, when received with meekness produces powerful life within us.

6/19 Meekness To Produce a Good Harvest

His Words within affects our actions. What happens within will always show up without. Let's consider the harvest we are producing.

6/18 Meekness To Plant Good Things

What we plant produces a harvest, so let's consider what we are planting.

6/17 Meekness To Plant His Word

Let's plant His Word within us - that it may save our souls.

6/16 Meekness To Receive

Let us not resist the good words God is trying to spoke into us and over us.

6/15 Meekness To Be Open

Is there something the Lord is trying to say to us?

6/13 Why It Matters

To walk in freedom, to live the growing life, to be all that God intended when He made us, this is why we contend for the things of God.

6/12 Let It Go

Is there an area where we're struggling to trust God? We pray for the grace to loosen our grip on whatever we're holding on to.

6/11 Run Unhindered

Do we have attitudes, perspective, or habits that hinder us? May we release them to run the race God intends for us.

6/10 Lay It Aside

Whatever the Lord revealed yesterday, may He grant us the wisdom and courage to contend for a life that honors God more.

6/9 Aligned With Him

An active faith aligns itself with what God says. Today may we ask the Lord to help us identify the places where we're misaligned.

6/8 Servants of Christ

As we look at the book of James this week, PT asks Is there any area that we're struggling to surrender to Lord?

6/6 Lives of Activated Faith

Remember, it's not just what we say, it's not just the lives we lead, but both combined that help us live a life of activated faith.

6/5 What Do We Really Believe?

PT explores the fact that when the heat is on, our real beliefs come to the surface. May we cling to what is true in these times.

6/4 Invest In The Best

PT asks a crucial question for anyone who seeks to live a life of activated faith. Find out what it is on today's episode.

6/3 What Should We Hold On To?

Today on Rise and Shine, PT asks, are we holding on to the right things - the things that will last?

6/2 What Should We Let Go Of?

On this episode of Rise and Shine, PT asks, are we being defined by things we can't keep?

6/1 Get The Right Grip

Part of an activated faith is the discernment between heavenly and earthly things. Learn more on today's episode.

5/30 Let's Live For Him

As we enter Saturday, let's remember that while we may not have to die for Jesus, we are all called to live for Him.

5/29 This Is Not The End

One of the keys for the resilient and engaged faith has to do with adopting this heavenly perspective.

5/28 Inspired By Faith

As we continue sitting with the humbling example of Hebrews 11, let's ask how can we develop a stronger, more active faith.

5/27 Strengthened By Faith

On today's episode, if we're feeling beat down by circumstances and our attitude is out of alignment, may we be emboldened by Hebrews 11.

5/26 Our Heritage By Faith

Rise and Shine and remember the rich heritage we possess as believers. May God give us a determined, resilient faith!

5/25 The Heroes Of Faith

This week we'll look at the "Hall of Faith" -- men and women who possessed lives of active faith. As we study them, may we be inspired.

5/23 Spirit-Empowered Focus

God's Spirit is able to fill us with peace and proper focus for the right things and people in our lives. Let's receive His soundness of mind.

5/22 Spirit-Empowered Love

God loves us so we can love with confidence through His Spirit.

5/21 Spirit-Empowered Hope

When the Spirit of God works within us, Hope rises in an and through any situation we may be walking through.

5/20 Spirit-Empowered Confidence

Spirit-Empowered ConfidenceOur power base determines the strength of our confidence.

5/19 Confidence To Contribute

We al need courage to step into what we sense God calling us to. Let's lean into it by faith.

5/18 Confidence Into Play

An active faith is one that does not hold back. How can we put our faith into play this week?

5/16 Confident In This

If we feel like Timothy, and struggle with confidence, may we draw courage from this unshakable core truth from today's episode.

5/15 How To Grow Your Faith

If we long for an active, engaged faith, let us follow this simple heavenly Law from today's episode.

5/14 Tend The Fire Of Faith

How is your level of faith? Today's episode reminds us to tend to the fire of our faith to make it vibrant.

5/13 Joy Is Opposed

One of the main ways the Enemy tries to snuff out an engaged faith is attacking this one area. See what that is on today's episode.

5/12 Generational Blessing

Today PT explores that while there are generational curses, more importantly, there are generational blessings. May we pass it down.

5/11 An Important Task

Rise and Shine and to all the mom's out there be encouraged by the vital work you're doing in passing down faith to your kids.

5/9 Keep Walking

Jesus' words to Peter are just as relevant today as they were back then. May we follow the Lord, no matter what comes.

5/8 Let Us Bless

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! Rather than getting stuck in comparison, let's choose to take this encouraging approach.

5/7 How Do We Measure Up?

Today's episode features one final caution when it comes to comparison. See what tends to happen when we judge one another.

5/6 Speak To Me Lord

Another way to fight comparison is to focus on the word Jesus has for us in this season. Learn more on today's episode.

5/5 Where Is Our Focus?

Do we worry what's going on in other's lives, instead of our own? Let us consider Jesus' reply to Peter - keep our focus where it should be.

5/4 Let Him Lead

Do we struggle to allow Jesus to lead? May today's episode remind us of the necessity of yielding to Him.

5/2 Grace To Love

God reclaims us with His love so we can gratefully love God and love people well.

5/1 Grace To Bless

He loves to reclaim us so we can become givers of blessing.

4/30 Grace For Purpose

He loves to reclaim us for His good purposes.

4/29 Grace To Reclaim

No one is too damaged for God's love to reclaim them for His glory.

4/28 Grace to Restore

God loves to restore us. Let's welcome His grace to recover health and strength in our lives!

4/27 Grace Spaces

What is the conversation God wants to have with us? Where do we need grace for our hurting places?

4/25 An Invitation To Healing

Is there someone that God wants us to invite into life with Him? May we be bold for Jesus!

4/24 Restful Healing

God knows our limitations and invites us to embrace the rest He has for us.

4/23 Healing For Others

God wants to heal us so that we can be healers in His Name. He longs to make us a blessing to others.

4/22 Receive His Healing

God invites us to receive His healing in our lives. What area do you most need Him to heal?

4/21 Need of Healing

Before we can heal others, we need to own our need for healing.

4/20 Wounded Healers

We who have been healed are invited to be healers in His Name.

4/18 People of Eternity

If we are afraid today, may we find courage by remembering the life that is beyond this life, given to us by Jesus Christ.

4/17 People Of Hope

Death could not hold Jesus. He gives us the power to always hold onto hope in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.

4/16 People Of Purpose

Our purpose is connected to the good work God has for our lives. What is the work God is calling us to pursue?

4/15 People Of The Passionate Life

Jesus' passion for people is meant to fuel our passion for the things He loves. Let's become people fueled by His passion for our lives.

4/14 People of the Committed Life

Jesus' commitment connects our lives to God. To follow Him is to become a person of commitment.‍

4/13 People of Life

Let us never forget the generosity of God! He gives the gift of life and invites us to live in its reality.

4/11 Excitement For What's To Come

Holy Saturday invites us to imagine what awaits us in resurrection? May we be still and ponder this today.

4/10 Good Friday

Today on Good Friday, we remember the crucifixion, but even more, how God can create good things out of pain and tragedy.

4/9 Extending The Invitation

Are there people the Lord wants us to invite into life with Him? May the Lord fill us with enthusiasm to do so.

4/8 An Exciting Encounter

When was the last time an interaction with Jesus left us so excited we had to tell someone? May Jesus encounter us in a powerful way today!

4/7 An Excited Invitation

Rise and Shine Cornerstone and may we follow the example of the woman at the well--her excitement about Jesus led others to him.

4/6 Joy For Today

Today PT asks, have worries of the future consumed us? May the joy of the Lord fill us and keep us present on this day.

4/4 Do We Feel Stuck?

Though we may feel disappointment creeping in, today's episode offers a refreshing antidote. Find out what it is...

4/3 Who Can Help Us?

It's interesting to note that Jesus asked the woman to help Him get water from the well, so let's think whose help do we need today?

4/2 What Am I Demanding?

What is our attitude towards God? This episode looks at our hearts when we ask God for things in prayer.

4/1 Why Am I Bitter?

Today PT encourages us not to live bound up in grievance--rather to live in the goodness of God right where we are.

3/31 What Do I Deserve?

When we think about God, how do we think about what we deserve from Him? Don't miss this insightful episode of Rise and Shine.

3/30 Where Is My Hope?

Check out today's episode for an invaluable reminder when we face the disappointments of life.

3/28 Come To The Water

PT poses the idea Jesus is waiting for us to come, just as He did for the woman at the well. Tomorrow, may we drink deeply of this blessing online.

3/27 A Deeper Relationship

The Lord can stir our hearts to be open to a deeper level of intimacy with Him. Pastor Terry prays that would happen on today's episode.

3/26 If We Only Knew

Today, PT prays our understanding would expand so that we might be aware of what He wants to do in our lives.

3/25 Don't Settle For Less

This episode focuses on how we often settle for much less than the Lord wants to give. May we be open for the more that Jesus has!

3/24 He Knows Our Need

Today's episode of Rise and Shine explores whether we know our true need or not, Jesus can meet us there--if we're open.

3/23 Jesus Come

PT unpacks how Jesus must go through Samaria, and as a result, meets the woman at the well. Is there an area where we need Jesus to go?

3/21 Disruption And Devotion

As we prepare to gather digitally tomorrow, though we long to meet in person, let us consider how disruption can move us towards devotion.

3/20 Who Needs Disrupting?

On this episode of Rise and Shine, PT asks if we were to lovingly represent Jesus to someone today, whom would it be?

3/19 The Disruption Of Truth

This episode looks at another way Jesus is a disrupter--when we're forced to consider His truth claims.

3/18 Passion And Disruption

Today on Rise and Shine, PT explores how Jesus is not only tender and loving, but that he is also capable of passionate zeal.

3/17 Encouraging Disruption

Healings don't always make everyone happy, so today PT asks, is there a person we should encourage to get better?

3/16 Jesus The Disrupter

This week, we'll explore an aspect of Jesus character that may sound counter intuitive, but is necessary as He brings restoration.