Rise and Shine

5/18 Sincere Faith: It Speaks Up

Today Pastor Terry challenges us to embody the second part of our mission statement, inviting others into life with Jesus. Who will you invite?

5/17 Sincere Faith: It Builds Up

Our faith isn't just for us; it's meant to impact others. Join PT as he discusses how our faith helps others.

5/16 Sincere Faith: It Grows Up

Once our faith starts showing up, what comes next? Pastor Terry encourages us all to pursue a growing life with Christ.

5/15 Sincere Faith: It Shows Up

What makes our faith sincere? Join PT as he explores the ways it can be authentically displayed.

5/14 Sincere Faith: Don't be fake

Want to know how to better impact people with our faith? Listen to this episode of Rise and Shine.

5/13 Sincere Faith: Pass it on

Today on Rise and Shine, PT dwells on the importance of transferring genuine faith from one generation to the next.

5/11 Faith: Spiritual Mothers

Rise and Shine (and don't forget tomorrow is Mother's Day). Today, Pastor Terry explores the importance of honoring our mothers.

5/10 Faith: Pass it Along

Rise and Shine Cornerstone. Today PT celebrates the key people who have helped us grow in our spiritual journey.

5/9 Faith: Let it Rise

Struggling to move past doubt? Join PT as he sits with Psalm 1 and it's beautiful words of promise and encouragement.

5/8 Faith: What about Evil?

On today's episode PT reflects on the presence of evil and God's promise despite what we may see.

5/7 Faith: Too Good to be True?

In a world full of things that over-promise and under-deliver, may we draw strength from the increadible reality of the Gospel on today's Rise and Shine.

5/6 Faith: Keep it Growing

If we are finding it difficult to believe God and His word, may today's episode of Rise and Shine cause faith to start increasing.

5/4 Overcoming Fear: Called to Courage

As we wrap up our look at fear, join Pastor Terry's as he challenges us to think about what we're thinking about.

5/3 Overcoming Fear with a Sound Mind

Rise and Shine because the love of Jesus also transforms our mind. Let's lean into the third part of this promise from 2 Timothy.

5/2 Overcoming Fear with Love

Join Pastor Terry on this episode of Rise and Shine to see how dwelling on God's love helps us move through fear.

5/1 Overcoming Fear with Power

Rise and Shine Cornerstone. When we feel unable to face fear, remember that God's power can make us brave.

4/30 Overcoming Fear: A promise

Fight fear with God's promises. Today's episode begins exploring a verse that's crucial in our battle against fear.

4/29 Overcoming Fear: Don't get locked up

If you feel frozen by fear, join PT for a dose of encouragement today and throughout the week to help us face our fears

4/27 Empowered to Gather

Rise and Shine Cornerstone and make it church tomorrow. PT discusses the unique blessing when we gather together on Sundays.

4/26 Empowered to Live

If there are areas of our life where death seems to reign, may we discover the life-giving power of the resurrected Jesus on today's episode.

4/25 Empowered to Prevail

Today's episode of rise and shine is a beautiful meditation on how we can overcome.

4/24 Empowered by Promise

Rise and Shine and join PT as he continues to explore the promise of John 3:16

4/23 Empowered for Eternity

PT discusses one of his favorite books and how it presents a beautiful reality that's available to all who believe in Jesus.

4/22 Empowered to Tell

Rise and Shine because our savior is risen! May we be inspired to action by Pastor Terry's encouragement today.

4/20 A Lesson in Hope

Rise and Shine for the big moment! Let's prepare our hearts to celebrate the life we have in Christ, thanks to His resurrection.

4/19 A Lesson in Suffering

Even on this somber day we can rise and shine. As we reflect on the tragic ordeal of the cross, may we draw strength in our places of suffering knowing our Lord was no stranger to pain.

4/18 A Lesson in Surrender

Rise and Shine and remember: when we feel pressure, fear, and failure swirling around us, may we follow our King's incredible example in Gethsamane.

4/17 A Lesson in Humility

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! Pastor Terry presents Jesus' final lesson before He went to the cross on today's episode.

4/16 A Lesson in Devotion

Join PT as he looks at how the devoted love of our savior challenges us to love better on today's episode of Rise and Shine.

4/15 A Lesson in Steadfastness

Rise and shine! As we near the cross, let's consider Jesus and His final days. Today we'll look at the steadfast devotion of the one who died for our sins.

4/13 The Access Gap

Rise and Shine and then invite someone to Come and See. PT talks about the importance of inviting friends and family to our musical and to church.

4/12 The Action Gap

Today's episode looks at how we can live out our faith by letting our good deeds shine His reality.

4/11 The Acknowledgment Gap

Rise and Shine Cornerstone. Today Pastor Terry discusses what happens if we do good deeds, but never connect them to Jesus.

4/10 The Alignment Gap

Today's episode explores the power of good works that line up with God's heart and how that impacts others.

4/9 The Authority Gap

How do we increase our authority? Check out today's episode of Rise and Shine to find out.

4/8 The Righteousness Gap

Today on rise and Shine, Pastor Terry reflects on the perfect union between God the Father and Jesus the Son, and its implications for us.

4/6 Solitude & Service

Rise and Shine Cornerstone and remember that this walk isn't meant to be done all by ourselves. Let's take PT's reminder to heart about finding balance.

4/5 Solitude & Direction

If you find yourself at a crossroad, then don't miss today's episode designed to give us guidance.

4/4 Solitude & Sabbath

Ready to Rise and Shine? Today Pastor Terry helps us think about establishing a healthy rhythm of solitude.

4/3 Solitude: Alone not Lonely

On today's episode of Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry discusses the important difference between loneliness and being alone.

4/2 Solitude & Stillness

Rise and shine Cornerstone! Today PT challenges us to do something that's crucial to hearing from God.

4/1 Solitude & Focus

Rise and Shine for a new week! Today PT begins to explore how Jesus models a pattern of pulling away to be with God.

3/30 Confined No More

Rise and Shine and take courage from John the Baptist, whose story may appear to have a tragic end, unless we view it in light of eternity.

3/29 Confined by Uncertainty

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! When things become perplexing, remember to go back to these truths from today's episode.

3/28 Confined by Negativity

If you're stuck in a pit of negativity, then PT has a word of encouragement for you today.

3/27 Confined by Defeat

For those who feel defined by defeat, may we cling to the reality that Pastor Terry discusses in today's episode.

3/26 Confined By Disappointment

If we are facing disappointment, let's keep this one thing in mind from today's episode of Rise and Shine.

3/25 Confinement: Find Freedom

Don't miss this episode of Rise and Shine where PT gives valuable advice to those who are feeling confined by this season of life.

3/23 Temptation: Fight Back

Rise and Shine Cornerstone and learn how we can defend ourselves from the attack of the enemy on today's episode.

3/22 Temptation: The Path of Pride

Other times, the temptation is to make a name for ourselves, instead of making His name great. Check out today's episode to help keep you on track.

3/21 Temptation: No Shortcuts

Sometimes, the temptation is to find a shortcut or the easy way out as Jesus saw in the wilderness. Today PT gives us a word to help us stay the course.

3/20 Temptation: Call for Backup

Rise and Shine and learn about our supernatural source of strength when fighting temptation.

3/19 Temptation: We're all Vulnerable

Today Pastor Terry looks at the differences between Jesus and John's temptations and how we all have unique areas of vulnerability.

3/18 Temptation: Help!

This week, Pastor Terry will look at temptation, starting with today's video, which gives us a tool to overcome.

3/16 Validation: Pleasing the Father

When we live out of God's validation, it opens up a new possibility in our lives. See what that is on today's episode.

3/15 Validation: Free to Serve

When we rest in God's validation, we can live like Christ did. Today's Rise and Shine looks at one aspect of Jesus' character we can put on display.

3/14 Validation: See Yourself as He Sees You

Let's keep leaning into the Father's validation on today's episode of Rise and Shine in order to discover how we should view ourselves.

3/13 Validation: More than Possessions

To avoid being definied by the things we posses let's strive to embrace this challenge from today's episode of Rise & Shine.

3/12 Validation: What Does It Mean

Join PT as he continues to dig into validation--in this case what it means-- and how earthly methods of validation fall short

3/11 Validation: Where Do We Get Our Worth

Ready for week two? Today's episode of Rise and Shine asks us to consider where we get our value, and where we should be looking for it.

3/9 Our True Identity

Ready to rise and shine? Pastor Terry discusses a critical step to developing an unshakable faith.

3/8 Cultivating Devotion

Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry shares what is at the center of the Christian life.

3/7 Relationships: Watered or Withered

Jesus gives us access to a relationship with the Father, and on today’s episode of Rise and Shine, PT explores what that means and discusses a key ingredient for any relationship to work right.

3/6 Choose to Believe

On today's episode, Pastor Terry points out a vital choice we must make to receive all God has for us.

3/5 Live as One Loved

Rise and shine Cornerstone and join PT as he reflects on a beautiful truth for all who have decided to follow Jesus.

3/4 We're Back!

Rise and Shine is back! We've made a few tweaks based on the survey in January, and are excited to jump back in with you.

Rise and Shine - Jan 31

Rise and Shine for the final video in January! There's also a link to a 3-min. survey where you can share the impact Rise & Shine had on you.

Rise and Shine - Jan 30

Today's episode of Rise and Shine features a special prayer from Pastor Terry for us as we abide in the vine.

Rise and Shine - Jan 29

When we’re all in and connected to God we get a special blessing. Tune in to find out what it is on today's episode of Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine - Jan 28

Rise and Shine! As we go all-in, we grow in our connection with the Lord. Today Pastor Terry explores how we can stay connected to Jesus.

Rise and Shine - Jan 27

What’s one of the keys for going all-in for Jesus? Pastor Terry wants to let you know on this episode of Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine - Jan 26

Today on Rise and Shine, PT looks at the difficulty we can have when things end, while reminding us to stay open for what's to come.

Rise and Shine - Jan 25

It's not just failures that hold us back. Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry explores this the paradox of success.

Rise and Shine - Jan 24

Sometimes when we follow Jesus, things won't seem to make sense. Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry has a great reminder for these difficult moments.

Rise and Shine - Jan 23

Today’s on Rise and Shine, we explore another barrier that can get in the way of God’s best for us.

Rise and Shine - Jan 22

On today's episode of Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry has a prayer for any of us who feel unworthy.

Rise and Shine - Jan 21

Rise and Shine! Today's episode deals with when we get a "redirect" from the Lord and how we need to work with it.

Rise and Shine - Jan 20

Rise and Shine and don't forget to head to Riordan today! This episode focuses on Pastor Terry's special prayer for this special Sunday.

Rise and Shine - Jan 19

Rise and Shine! As we approach the launch of the Riordan campus (tomorrow!?), let's reflect on what time it is for us as individuals on today's episode.

Rise and Shine - Jan 18

More than just being uncritical, a life with Jesus should be filled with this living giving thing. See what it is on today's episode of Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine - Jan 17

If we want to go all in with Jesus, today's episode of Rise and Shine discusses a crucial practice we must do.

Rise and Shine - Jan 16

Rise and Shine Cornerstone and join PT as he talks about how a critical spirit not only spoils the fruit we can bear, it also has this tragic consequence.

Rise and Shine - Jan 15

On this episode of Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry reveals one of the sneakiest things that spoils the fruit our lives can bear.

Rise and Shine - Jan 14

Rise and shine! What does it mean to bear good fruit in our lives, join Pastor Terry as he explores this topic?

Rise and Shine - Jan 13

When we sense God speaking to us it is critical to do this one thing. See what it is on Sunday’s episode of Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine - Jan 12

If we find ourselves feeling lost, especially with everything a new year could be, take heart from today’s episode of Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine - Jan 11

Rise and Shine Cornerstone! Today Pastor Terry explores one of the clearest ways the word of the Lord can come to us.

Rise and Shine - Jan 10

What does it mean to follow Jesus? Pastor Terry explores this simple but profound thought on the latest episode of Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine - Jan 9

What's one thing we can all do if we really want to grow and follow Jesus? Watch today's episode of Rise and Shine to find out.

Rise and Shine - Jan 8

Rise and Shine! This morning, PT shares lyrics from a song that had tremendous impact on him as a young Christian. May it inspire you.

Rise and Shine - Jan 7

If we feel our hearts have gone cold, we pray today's episode of Rise and Shine sparks something in you.

Rise and Shine - Jan 6

To succeed with any goal in 2019 we need to know the answer to this question. Check out today's episode of Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine - Jan 5

PT discusses another critical aspect to being all in for Jesus. See what it is on today’s episode of Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine - Jan 4

Rise and Shine! PT has a great question for us to mull over throughout the day as we make our goals for 2019.

Rise and Shine - Jan 3

How’s the year starting for you? Today on Rise and Shine, Pastor Terry has a unique challenge that ties in with our latest message series.

Rise and Shine - Jan 2

Ready to rise and shine? Pastor Terry shares a verse we are praying over our church in the coming year. See what it is and join with us.

Rise and Shine - Jan 1

What goals do you have for the new year? Listen to PT’s hope for all of us on the first episode of Rise and Shine in 2019.

Rise and Shine - Day 29

One last chance to Rise and Shine in 2018! Let's hold on to this fantastic reminder as we head into a new year.

Rise and Shine - Day 28

As we rise and shine this morning, let's ask this exciting question Pastor Terry is encouraging us to think about. See you at service!

Rise and Shine - Day 27

Rise and shine Cornerstone! May we never forget this crucial fact behind God's grace in our lives.