Holy Week

Experience Easter starting this Sunday at our Palm Sunday service.

Stay connected throughout the week as we journey together with daily engagement all the way through Good Friday and a special Easter Sunday service.


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From Worst to Best

SUN, APR 12 • 9A & 11A

Let's celebrate Easter together! Share the joy at this challenging time and welcome the love and power of the resurrected Christ. Invite your friends to join in this service featuring creative expressions and an encouraging message from Pastor Terry.

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Easter is one of our favorite times of the year. There’s lots of ham, sugar, time to spend with loved ones, and fun egg hunts. (Don’t you wish those were still for adults, too?) But more importantly, it's an exciting time for the church as we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection.

What We Are Celebrating

If you think Christians don't celebrate, think again. Jesus turned water into wine, didn't He? The Easter season is a time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for our sins and to glorify His victory over death. Palm Sunday and Good Friday are days to reflect, but on Easter Sunday we raise up our voices in exaltation! If you're not sure of the meaning behind the Easter season, here's the cliff notes:
Palm Sunday always falls one week before Easter. It marks the day Jesus entered Jerusalem. Many churches give out palm branches to represent the ones the crowd scattered before Jesus as He rode into the city.

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter. It signifies the day Jesus was crucified and died on the cross. It is a solemn day meant for meditating on our Savior's willingness to die for our sins.

Easter Sunday is always three days after Good Friday. Easter is a day of celebration! The stone has been rolled away and He is risen! On this day we proclaim our joy that Jesus rose from the grave to give us freedom from sin.
Whether you've celebrated Easter for years or this is your first time, we welcome you. The truth about Easter is that Jesus died for every single one of us. It doesn't matter if you're wearing your brand new Easter dress or a pair of old skinny jeans — you are encouraged to join us in observing Jesus' death and praising His resurrection.

Come to Cornerstone This Easter

Whether you're on the hunt for a place to celebrate our risen Lord or you just want to try something new this year, we hope you'll come to our Easter Sunday church play. If the arts aren't your thing, you can still join in worship at the Riordan campus. Cornerstone is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational, and multi-generational church and we welcome you! We look forward to meeting you and celebrating the reason for the season (it's not just for Christmas!).
Contact us or visit if you have questions or need more information.