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Top 20 Apps for Christians of All Ages

While it can feel like our cell phones have us constantly connected with no space for our souls, they can also provide us with some pretty amazing opportunities for spiritual growth as well.

Based on the wide selection of Christian apps that are available for Apple and Android users, we believe your smartphone can help you draw closer to God and your church community. From Bible reading apps and Bible study apps to devotional apps and more, you'll find a variety of options to help you in your walk.

Not sure where to start? We have a ton of recommendations for great apps you can check out today. From bible reading apps, devotional plans, prayer, even Christian dating apps, there's something for everyone.

20 of the Best Apps We Recommend

1. The Bible App

The Bible App is probably the most comprehensive Bible app. It includes tons of reading plans and videos on a variety of topics.

You can also customize the app to your needs and also get access to cross-references, footnotes, and even see Jesus' words in red.

So instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, why not choose to spend that time with God. Waiting in line at the grocery store? Taking public transportation to work? Turn your idle time into productive time by spending it with Him.

2. Logos

Logos is the leading app for Bible study. To access the full version you'll have to pay, but the good news is that the free version boasts over 90 resources to help you deepen your understanding of scripture.

3. Read Scripture

Read Scripture App

Created by the people at The Bible Project, Read Scripture is a great app for reading the Bible in its entirety. The app is clean and keeps distractions minimal, and as you progress in your reading, you can watch videos that give you an overview of each new book. These videos can be a great addition for anyone who is a new reader or would like an overview before starting each book.

4. iDisciple

iDisciple is a wonderful app for messages, devotions, music, videos, and more. iDisciple is great for people who like to scroll through social media like Facebook and interact with the videos or articles that pop up in their feed. With iDisciple, you can:

  • Read devotionals
  • Watch messages
  • Listen to Christian music
  • Watch Christian videos
  • Follow Bible reading plans
  • Search for content from favorite speakers or authors

If you download the app across multiple devices, such as your phone, computer, and tablet, your content will synchronize across your devices.

5. Audiobooks

If you love Christian audiobooks, then you'll want to download the Audiobooks app. Audiobooks has an impressive amount of Christian books and a sleek, beautiful design. You can join an audio book club and have a curated selection of books to choose from; don't miss out on this app.

6. Dwell

Another app for listening to the Bible is Dwell, which focuses on the English Standard Version (ESV). The free version of the app offers one reading voice, but the paid version includes four voice choices. The Word is meant to be read and learned, and with Dwell, you can take it with you wherever you go. If you're a fan of audiobooks and the ESV, Dwell may be a great app for you.

7. Bible Memory

Bible Memory App

If you're looking for an app that can help you memorize your favorite passages, check out Bible Memory. This app allows you to add verses and whole sections when you're trying to really absorb scripture. The app is easy to navigate, and uses an effective method for memorization by slowly removing words from the verses you're memorizing until you're able to type it all from memory. The free version of the app uses the King James Version, but you can elect to purchase nearly any popular translation, along with translations of individual verses.

8. Abide

Abide is the world’s most popular Christian meditation app. You can choose from a wide range of topics tied to what you may be experiencing, to hear scriptures and prayers that relate. Whether you listen to it before you go to sleep to calm yourself down or listen to it first thing to get your day going, this app puts you in the right frame of mind. 

9. Pure Flix

For those looking for a clean, family-friendly movie streaming service, download Pure Flix. With this streaming alternative, you can enjoy your family and Christian movies without worrying about any inappropriate content you might find on other streaming services.

10. Blue Letter Bible

Ever been stuck trying to understand a particular verse? The Blue Letter Bible is an app that can help you find that tricky verse and dig deeper on its meaning through commentaries, concordances and dictionaries.

11. Bible Trivia Mania

If you’re a trivia nerd, you’ll love the Bible Trivia Mania app. Grow and fortify your Bible knowledge, along with a community of players, all while having a grand ol’ time.

12. Daily Devotion

Another devotional app you may want to try is Daily Devotion. If you want to build a devotional into your morning after you wake up, this app can be a great way to make a devotional a consistent part of your routine.

13. She Reads Truth

Are you a woman who wants to read the Bible while surrounded by a community of other godly women? If so, try the She Reads Truth app. Not only does the app offer features to enhance your reading experience, such as bookmarking and journaling, but it also provides a space for a community of women to encourage and motivate each other in following the Gospel by sharing content and commenting.

14. Echo

Echo App

If you want an app that keeps a list of all your prayers, try Echo. You're not limited in the number of prayers you can add. You can also organize your prayers into groups and mark prayers that have been answered. Then use it to remind yourself to thank God for the prayers He's answered.

15. Prayer Notebook

Prayer Notebook is an app that helps you remember your daily prayers. You can set reminders for every prayer, and you can also sync Prayer Notebook to your social media and email so that you can easily send a message to your friend or relative once you've finished praying for them.

16. Bumble

If you want to date, network or meet new people if you’ve just moved, Bumble is for you. You can designate that you have religious beliefs, to attract others that are in the same boat.

17. Christian Mingle

Despite the old fashioned name, Christian Mingle is the world's largest dating site for Christians and also has a downloadable app. With a wide variety of users, you're likely to find someone you can connect with. If you're looking for love, Christian Mingle may be the next app you want to download.

18. Crosspaths

Crosspaths is another option for a dating app. You'll start with a short quiz that allows you to describe the traits you're looking for in a partner and outline your faith. The app matches you with those who seem to be a good fit for you based on your description, and you can then chat with any of your matches.

19. Faith Play

Are you a fan of podcasts? Faith Play offers an extensive library of Christian podcasts to keep you updated on the news in the Christian community and give you the chance to listen to your favorite preachers. Even if you've never listened to podcasts much before, Faith Play can be the app to get you started.

20. Got Questions?

If you've been asking yourself questions about God, faith, and living as a Christian, Got Questions? is the app for you. Is God real? How do we know for sure? Do we have a purpose? Find your answers to the tougher questions with this app. This may be an especially useful app for anyone struggling with their faith or someone who is new to the community and Christian life.

We also want to take a moment to add one more app to the list. Ours.

The CornerstoneSF Church App

The CornerstoneSF Church app lets you tune in to our messages, build a spiritual rhythm along with others from our church through our Rise and Shine devotionals, and stay in the know about events in our community.

For any new visitors, you can download our app to see what our church and community is all about. That way, you'll know what to expect should you decide to join our church family.

For those who are a part of our church family, you can also use the app to sign up for groups you're interested in joining, and stay up-to-date on any changes to our usual Sunday experience through notifications.

Stay in touch with us by downloading the Cornerstone app to your smartphone today! It's available on iTunes app store, Google Play, or the Amazon app store.

Christian Technology Can Help You Connect With Us at CornerstoneSF Church

These are just some of the apps we recommend, but there are so many Christian apps for you to check out. Download the ones that interest you and give them a try. And if you're looking to stay in touch with your church community, download the CornerstoneSF Church app today.