Resting In His Will

The reality is that many of us are struggling. Even as believers the uncertainty we’re living through can take a toll.

Be Present

I was cleaning out my email inbox last week (there’s nothing quite like an inbox with 0 unread messages, amiright?)

A Simple Cup of Coffee

Have you ever stared at your morning coffee and considered just how much had to happen in order for it to exist?

Soar Like Eagles

I am 17 years old, and I can’t walk.

When Surviving Is Thriving

Sometimes surviving is all we can do.

Overcoming Through Trust

The more time I spend getting to know the Lord and His Word, the more I realize that we need adversity to grow in our faith...

Transformation is a Journey

Although there is much to be said of the value of a long life lived with God, I think it’s a mistake to say that potential is determined by time.


Strange thing what I’m about to share, because it’s just a recap of what you already know. 

Once in a Super Bloom

There’s a thing in California called a “super bloom” which happens about once every decade.

In the stillness, You are there

Reflecting on these past few months of sheltering-in-place, it feels as if time has moved quickly and slowly at the same time.

Soak in the SON This Summer

Summer looks very different this year. Shelter-in-place means less travel, fewer events to attend (if any), camps closed, not even summer blockbusters to avoid spoilers for until we can go to the movies.

A Contemplation on Hope:

We can’t go back to the way things were. So how do we move forward in hope?

Engaging Gratitude

One day, one week, one month at a time. But what sustains in times of prolonged endurance? I have found gratitude to be one of those key things.

Thrilled to Be

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “thrill”?

The Impermanence Of The Now

What is the grace for today?

Engage Your Core

In light of our current Shelter in Place, I have not been able to go to the gym...

When We Can’t Stop Wanting

What toll has this past month taken on you?

Peace in the Valley

Isn’t it so shockingly human to have all your plans stripped from you in the blink of an eye?

The Importance of the Resurrection

The death and resurrection of Jesus form the cornerstone of the Christian faith. The fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead proved his ability to give us new life in God.

Surrender In Place

You know that thing where you have a word for the year or a season...

Exhale Fear to Inhale Peace

High school exams used to give me headaches.

Shelter in Hope

It is amazing how much can change in a week, a day, an instant.

What Does the Bible Say About Work?

For many of us living in the Bay Area, it's not uncommon to clock in 60+ hours at work. While being hardworking is a great characteristic to add to your list of personal attributes, what's the right way to go about it?

Inhale. Exhale. Release.

During this time of sheltering in place, each of us has an opportunity...

How to Make My Vocation Central to My Faith

Vocations are an important piece of people's identities. This is true for all of us, including Christians. For Christians, our vocations should fit within the broader context of our faith, and our faith should inform our work.

Exhale: Pause

Inhale… Exhale… Breathing is amazing.

The Impact of Technology on My Life, Relationships, and Faith

For many of us, our day begins and ends with our eyes glued to our smartphones. Technology has some amazing benefits, but it can also create some challenges for our lives, relationships, and faith.

My Struggles with Sabbath

A few months ago, I came *this close* to calling it quits on everything in my life...

Relational Expansion

As I have gotten older, I’ve seen my group of friends shrink...

Finding Your God-Given Purpose in Life

What if you're feeling lost and unsure of what you're meant to do with your life? In this guide, we'll discuss some practical ways you can discover your God-given purpose and start living in that.

Worship Expansion

Pause for a moment and imagine that someone has just asked you why God deserves your devotion...

Place Faith in the Bible, Not People

In an age of social media influencers, it can be easy to misplace your faith in Christian influencers and other Christian leaders in your life rather than placing it in the Bible.

Faith Expansion

I never thought I’d quit my dream job. But...

How to Encourage Unity in the Church

Unity. It's a word we often through around in church, but what exactly does it mean to be unified with the people in your church, and how can you foster this sense of unity?

“Yes AND…” 3 Ways To Expand Our Creativity

The first rule of improv is you don’t talk about improv. No, wait. That’s Fight Club.

12 Places to Do Devotions in San Francisco

Quiet time with God's word and in prayer is crucial to restoring our souls and growing as Christians. But where to go? As crowded as San Francisco feels, the good news is that SF has some beautiful places where you can get away from it all to reflect and come away restored.

How to Find Your New Church Home

When you find the right church, it becomes a second home — a place of warmth, encouragement, and love and where you're accepted.

How to Live a Christian Life

Whether you're learning about Christianity for the first time, or you came to the faith decades ago, you may wonder what it means to live a Christian life.

How to Become a Christian

If you're interested in taking your first steps to Christianity, keep reading to see what the Bible says about what Christians believe, and what you need to do to accept God into your life.

Jesse Tree Woes

I tried to start a new Christmas tradition with my son this year. It went down in flames...

Set the Stage

This Christmas, we decided to get a real tree for our home. As a child, I remember...

The Choice of Christmas

I smile as I remember being sent to Home Depot to pick up our first Christmas tree as a married couple...

Looking for Gratitude

Life isn’t always a bed of roses, so the old saying goes...

Should We Say Thank You?

My son, Blue, jumped up to show me his finished homework after a long day...


Every night before I go to bed, I write down three things I am thankful for that day...

Cultivating Gratitude and Generosity

I was standing in line at Safeway. This particular Safeway usually only has one or two lanes open...

Worthy of Trust

I had the good fortune of having memorable childhood vacations with my family.

Your Journey With Scripture

Take a moment to think about the relationship you’ve had with scripture in different seasons of your life...

Scriptural Superpowers

As a child I remember my mom putting a verse of scripture on our fridge...

New Translation, Who Dis?

I know it’s a little early to be talking about Christmas but....

Unchanging Words

Scripture plays a central role in our faith. This ancient library of 66 books has been the source of many a Christian’s faith journey. I thought it would be worth spending this month exploring the different ways we can be impacted by these unchanging words in an ever-changing world.

Top 20 Christian Apps We Recommend

While it can feel like our cellphones have us constantly connected with no space for our souls, they can also provide us with some pretty amazing opportunities for spiritual growth as well.

Breaking Through the Blocks

It’s been one year since my family and I moved from Alabama to SF...

Thanks For The Feedback...

My relationship with feedback is long and complicated. I’m an artist and a perfectionist so I'm doubly sensitive...


Not long ago, I overhead two people talking. Don’t worry, I don’t eavesdrop on everyone; these two were pretty loud, so I just paid attention.

To-Do: Be Present

As an Enneagram Type 1, my life is basically just one long To Do list...

Developing a Worship Culture for Kids

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:2 If you are anything like me, you just re-read that line of scripture a few times...

Influence: Carry it Well

The skill of carrying our influence is what I’d like to explore this month...

Be a Bridge Builder

Have you ever been in a waiting room too long? I’m sure you have. You’re sitting at the doctor’s office...

Blessed Are Those Who Binge Watch?

I was hesitant to write this blog. Mostly because I don’t have any answers for you. When I think about how we are to live as Christ-followers in the culture at large, but not be part of it...

Heaven Sent

Friday is my day with my daughter Adeline. We’re in a phase right now where...

Cultivating Humility

One of the lessons I had to learn (and often relearn) is that self-consciousness interferes with my ability to give to others. This is especially true when it comes to public speaking.

Humility Makes Us Real

As we take this month to rise into humility, we want to go beyond the words on a page into the depths of our soul.

Power of Humility

Humility is often seen as weakness in our culture and it makes sense to me; so often, it feels like a betrayal of our own ego. However, as followers of Christ, we are invited to discover the counterintuitive, elevating force humility carries.

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

Resilience is one of those qualities in life I’ve always admired. I remember growing up watching the 49ers play football...

Entice, Ignite, Strengthen

One of the privileges of leading The Journey is hearing people’s stories...

Source of Encouragement

This weekend, we are going to celebrate mothers. While they deserve far more than a day of celebration, this upcoming Mother’s Day has me thinking of the many different ways that moms bless our lives.

Start Living

My father attended his first Cornerstone Easter play in 1998. Up ‘til that point, he was a self-professed Darwinian.

Overcoming Death

The ancient Greeks had a strong sense of death, knowing its impartial shadow eventually covers everyone. Any desire on their part for immortality was best realized by living a life worth remembering...

Understanding Suffering at Easter

The tragedy of the Gospel is something worth exploring. Jesus came into the world knowing He would endure darkness, tragedy, and pain. He was a joyful man, but He wasn’t oblivious to the brokenness of our world.

Owning Our Need

As we move towards Easter, I’d like to explore one way the gospel impacts our lives. At the risk of oversimplifying, Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection gives us power.

Curiosity to See

It was over 20 years ago when our church community first saw me. I mean really saw me.

Curiosity at Lent

Jean and I have a 16-month-old daughter named Adeline. She has special needs which require special attention. Though caring for her has been difficult at times, she is a unique blessing to our family. Being someone who is used to being on the move, having Adeline in my life has caused me to learn how to slow down…substantially.

The Ethos of Friendship, Part 3

I remember reading these words when I was a teen thinking, “Woah, I’m like a city on a hill. Epic! But, what does that mean?” Have you ever read scripture’s declarations or promises and thought something similar? Better yet, have you ever read scripture thinking it applied to you personally, but when you tried to live it out, it felt impossible?

The Ethos of Friendship, Part 2

The desire for meaningful friendships is universal, yet loneliness plagues us. The cultural trend since the middle of the 20th century to increasingly elevate the individual, the relentless pressure of displaying an idealized version of ourselves on social media, plus the nearly infinite ability to connect with anyone paradoxically leaves our hearts aching for true relationship.

The Ethos of Friendship, Part 1

Before we get too far into February, let’s pause to see how last month went. Maybe things have been getting off to a great start. Maybe there were challenges, pressures, or circumstances that required us to exercise some courage. However we’re doing, one thing is certain, none of us would mind becoming more resilient.

The Shape of Growth: Part 3

Can you believe the first month of the year is almost over?! Time definitely flies. In fact, Groucho Marx said, “Time flies like arrows. But fruit flies like bananas.”

The Shape of Growth: Part 2

I hope you’re having a good start to 2019. As we look at this year, I encouraged you to consider what the shape of growth looks like for you.

The Shape of Growth

I love this time of year because I love beginnings. Whether it’s a book, project, or goal, my motivation to start something is at its peak. My motivation to finish? That is more a learned discipline than a natural desire. But that’s part of the beauty of a new year—forgetting the unfinished and getting a redo.