Do you long for transformation? The ability to overcome? Then join us for our latest series Rise and discover how to live in the power of the resurrected Christ! We’ll explore the miraculous events following Jesus’ resurrection, as well as the remarkable rise of the early church.


Jesus' followers were people just like you and me. Sure, there were fishermen and tax collectors, but if the life and times of Jesus’ happened today, His disciples would have included blue-collar, white-collar, even no-collar workers. Jesus was their leader, teacher, and close friend for three years. And His death left them alone and scared.

Then out of nowhere, Jesus appeared to them, and something changed. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, these ordinary people became bold witnesses, proclaiming that Jesus was who He said He was. Even more, they claimed Jesus had risen from the dead. Those who knew his disciples from before had to admit, something had risen up in them.

The reason Jesus' resurrection is the single greatest event in human history is because the power that raised Jesus from the grave is still at work today. If you're looking for a transformation in your own life, then our new series, Rise, is for you. Maybe you feel broken, afraid, or stuck. Our hope is that through this series, you’ll discover that through Jesus, you too have the power to Rise.



While Pastor Louie currently serves as the Pastor for Equipping at Peninsula Bible Church located in Palo Alto, he's served the Bay Area since 1990. He's been a pastor for 25 years and a seminary professor for 13 years. Pastor Louie is also a founding member of the Gospel Coalition who uses multimedia content, events, courses, books, training, and international outreach to reach people with the Gospel.

Born and raised in New York City, Pastor Louie slowly made his way west, stopping for seminary training and ministry opportunities along the way in both Dallas and Chicago. He has deep insight into the challenges the Gospel faces in the Bay Area, but also how God is at work through the power of the Risen Jesus.
David Brickner is the Executive Director of Jews for Jesus  the most well known evangelistic outreach to the Jewish people in the world today. While this ministry got its start in the Bay Area and is still headquartered here in San Francisco, Jews for Jesus has extended their efforts in presenting the message that Jesus is the Messiah to Jewish populations in 13 countries and 24 cities.

While Brickner holds degrees from Moody Bible Institute, Northeastern Illinois University and the Fuller School of World Mission, it's his first-hand experience bringing the Gospel of Jesus that gives him incredible insight into how to Rise up in Power through the work of the Holy Spirit.


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Join us at CornerstoneSF as we take a tour through the Book of Acts and learn how ordinary people can Rise and overcome anything holding them back. Our chairs are filled with people just like you. Multi-ethnic, non-denominational, and multi-generational — all are welcome.If you want to go a step further, during the week, make sure to check out our Rise Morning Devotionals, either on our CornerstoneSFapp or our blog.Whether you stop in at our Mission campus, swing by our Riordan site, or watch our previous Rise messages online right here, we hope that the single greatest event in human history will forever change your story.If you’ve got any questions or would like to learn more about our church, feel free to reach out at 415.861.2439.